Qualcomm Announces Connectivity and Reference Platform Solutions for Next Generation Home Entertainment Experiences

The chip also features the newest Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard with receive support for Multi-User MIMO, allowing fast and seamless access to bandwidth-intensive online content such as 4K Ultra HD video.

The chip also features the newest Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard with receive support for Multi-User MIMO, allowing fast and seamless access to bandwidth-intensive online content such as 4K Ultra HD video. A new higher transmit power mode improves performance and wireless range versus prior solutions, facilitating robust connectivity across the home even through walls, floors, or in remote areas. The product’s dual-stream capabilities improve Wi-Fi performance in scenarios requiring concurrent connectivity, for example, receiving online video in a media box and simultaneously casting it to an external display or projector.

The QCA9379 includes technology to manage operation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the same radio band, helping prioritize delay-sensitive transmissions, for example voice commands from a speech-enabled remote, or the push of a fire-button in a gaming pad, even under loaded wireless network conditions. Deep sleep modes with extreme low-power consumption, wake-on-wireless and wake-on-Bluetooth features in the QCA9379 provide superior power efficiency. Also, the integration of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, power amplifier and low-noise amplifier in a single chip allows manufacturers to optimize for cost.

QCA9379 joins Qualcomm Technologies’ family of solutions for smart TV and home entertainment connectivity, with well over 100 million units from leading brands shipped using the Company’s connectivity chips.

Qualcomm Technologies also introduced a 4K Ultra HD media box reference platform featuring its flagship Snapdragon 820 processor. The reference platform helps manufacturers accelerate development of set-top-boxes and streaming devices in 4K Ultra HD resolution, and it is designed to deliver the compute and graphics power required for console-quality gaming, rich UIs and concurrency of applications enabling the next generation of TV user experiences. The platform’s flexible and power-efficient design allows for fan-less, small form factors. It also includes Gigabit Ethernet and dual-stream Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity from Qualcomm Technologies for fast downloads and seamless streaming, as well as Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Smart to support connectivity with remotes, game controllers and other user interface devices with optional support for voice.

“Consumers worldwide are eager to experience more immersive, engaging and interactive media experiences within the home,” said Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager, IoT, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. “These product and platform introductions for home entertainment result from our continued commitment and efforts in the Internet of Things, helping manufacturers commercialize products faster and more cost-effectively using our scale and expertise in connectivity and compute.”

The QCA9379 is sampling now, with commercial devices expected to be available the fourth quarter of 2016. The 4K Ultra HD media box reference platform from Qualcomm Technogies is available now, with commercial devices expected to be available by the end of 2016.

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