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High volume personalization capacity

Complex manufacturing process of custom branded NFC labels has been seen as a major barrier for broader NFC technology adoption.

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High volume personalization capacity

Complex manufacturing process of custom branded NFC labels has been seen as a major barrier for broader NFC technology adoption. This concerns especially high volume applications such as smart packages, print medias and mass event advertising. Confidex Links is a direct response to fulfill these market requirements as the product offers easy access to affordable printed and encoded NFC tags in high volumes.

“Confidex has manufactured highly personalized, high quality mass transportation tickets since 2005 and in so doing, has delivered over 600 millions NFC-compliant products into the global markets. We would like to offer this high-end manufacturing knowledge for everyday use-cases for consumer products such as smart packages, print media, as well as for industrial applications. With our new modular product approach, high manufacturing capacity and our global distribution channels we are ready to ship the next 100 million custom printed and encoded Confidex Links for various mass NFC applications around the world”, tells Confidex Marketing Director, Mikko Nikkanen.

Internet of Things made Simple

Confidex Links are affordable stickers – or anything from printed cards, stickers to posters – which can be practically placed anywhere, or be used embedded in packages or even in the product itself. Confidex Links connects simply any online content to any physical product. Easy sharing of content such as product manuals, videos, apps, mobile games or web sites are some of today’s applications for leveraging the touch of NFC.

Power of Modularity

Confidex Links standard product form factor is 25x25mm (1″x 1″) adhesive label, with multiple options regarding printing, branding, content encoding and special adhesives. Confidex Links NFC stickers are based on market leading NXP Semiconductor’s NTAG chip family. Confidex Links are offered starting from affordable low memory NTAG210 for tiny links, to NTAG213 for standard NFC media usage and to NTAG216 for high memory applications such as business cards and Bluetooth / Wifi pairing.

“NXP is committed to driving innovation for the Internet of Things. As part of this commitment, we develop products that enable industrial and consumer solutions to benefit from the ease of connectivity with NFC,” said Alexander Rensink, Segment Manager Consumer Interaction at NXP Semiconductors. “We are excited that Confidex uses our latest NTAG products to provide such a versatile tag offering. This will allow brand owners to introduce new creative ways of engaging with their customers through NFC enabled smart products.”

Modularity is further extended into Confidex IP68 level hard tag, Ironside Micro NFC with hard plastic casing for on-metal applications.

Confidex Links are available in sampling volumes in Q4/2016 and in volumes Q1/2017.

About Confidex

Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless smart tickets, industrial RFIDand NFCtags and specialty labels- the key enablers for short-range wireless IoT solutions that make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods or people more efficient and secure. With our global network ofresellers and distributors we serve customers representing a broad range of industries in Europe, Americas, Middle-East and Asia.

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