Onlime SL Ltd Introduces its All-new and Exciting VOIP Service

Our Enterprise VoIP solution is designed for business customers with our own inexpensive PBX and desk phone solution for their offices. A central point of contact is a must for all businesses and this is now made possible in Sierra Leone by Onlime solutions.

Our Enterprise VoIP solution is designed for business customers with our own inexpensive PBX and desk phone solution for their offices. A central point of contact is a must for all businesses and this is now made possible in Sierra Leone by Onlime solutions.

At the same time we are launching the LimeySL App, a free download from Google Play or Apple Store for use on your Smartphone, which is licensed only for use in Sierra Leone – No SIM. No extra phone. LimeySL is a free mobile application that combines the new and old ways of mobile calling and messaging. Smartphone users can download this app to make local and international calls at very competitive rates or message with other Onlime users for free. Onlime will be adding exciting new features to the App over the next few months and the first is live streaming of TV channels and in particular TV channels from Sierra Leone which will be available for the first time to those Sierra Leoneans living overseas.

Calls from Onlime are connected through the Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G) to other Onlime customers or to any traditional telephone network. Making calls with this App is simple, affordable and enjoyable for everyone, irrespective of who you want to call or where. That’s why all calls between subscribers on the Onlime network are free of charge in Sierra Leone. If all the friends and family are Onlime VoIP customers too you won’t have to pay to speak to them.

With Onlime VoIP you are not limited to calls to and from Onlime customers. You can call any fixed lines and mobiles in Sierra Leone as well as international fixed line and mobile customers at very competitive rates by purchasing Onlime credits.

Each customer will have a unique Sierra Leone number (+232 66 xxxxxx) free of charge.

Mr Foday Sankoh, Managing Director Onlime SL Limited, said: “With Onlime’s new VoIP service there is no need to buy a new mobile phone, no need to get a new SIM Card; just download the App and you are connected to the rest of the world with affordable local and international rates”.


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ABOUT Onlime SL Limited
Onlime (formerly Limeline (SL) Ltd.) has been one of Sierra Leone’s premier Internet Service Providers and licensed VoIP operator since 2005 and is one of the founding shareholders of the privatised SALCAB, the only Sierra Leone licensed operator and owner of voice and data capacity on the ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) submarine communications cable.

The members of the team that formed Limeline Group have considerable experience in many areas of the developing world, having set up successful businesses in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil and built up operations in some 26 countries in Africa. This in-depth knowledge has been a key factor in the growth of Onlime and the development of the philosophy of being “closer to the customer”.

Onlime offers the reliable, affordable Internet service customers expect and with the customer care they deserve. We use the latest in wireless technology to offer a full range of services, including super-fast Internet broadband, VoIP telephony with our own number range, MPLS connectivity, domain hosting and Government and corporate private networks (VPN) inside and outside Sierra Leone, as well as VSAT services for remote or standalone sites. Onlime is part of the Onlime Business Communications Network, which has a sales and operations presence in 12 countries across the globe. Onlime has more than 40 Partners in 26 countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia (

Onlime offers a range of bandwidth options over our state-of-the-art wireless network from 128 kbps to hundreds of Mbps of Internet or data connectivity to your home or office. Onlime operates sophisticated bandwidth management techniques to ensure that all customers receive a quality service that is focused on corporate and government clients during working hours and on residential and recreational subscribers on the weekends and in the evenings.

In addition to our super-fast broadband service, Onlime provides a number of our customers with MPLS connectivity to the rest of the world and private networks (VPN) where secure connectivity between offices within Sierra Leone or overseas is a critical requirement.

Onlime is a licensed VoIP provider with the number range +232 66 XXXXXX. We provide termination to all of the other operators in Sierra Leone and offer very competitive rates to the rest of the world through our London gateway. We pride ourselves on delivering crystal clear voice calls to a single phone in a remote location or to an enterprise customer with 200 extensions through our own high-specification IP-PBX.

Onlime is a full service ISP and can assist with every aspect of a customers’ IT requirements, whether it is setting up the wired or wireless Local Area Network (LAN) in your offices, or all the ancillary services for secure e-mail and domain hosting. Onlime has relationships with numerous specialist partners who can provide technical support for software or hardware.

Onlime offers a reliable service at an affordable price, and the Company’s dedicated team of professional engineers provides round the clock service to customers.

Our offices are located at 33 Regent Road, Hill Station and Santanno House, 10 Howe Street, Freetown. For Sales enquires call on 303 from any Onlime number or +232 66 303030 or +232 76 888885 or +232 30 888885 or email

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The Onlime Group
Onlime is leading the way in providing high quality, secure and reliable business communications to customers across the globe.

Onlime provides premium quality VoIP, Internet and data connectivity over VSAT or fibre to mining, enterprise, government, military, oil & gas, banking, NGO and many other customer groups.

With its extensive satellite coverage, across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia through the Caribbean and South America, as well as dedicated access to a growing network of fibre links and with a range of the latest technology platforms, wherever an organisation is in the world, Onlime is there to provide an unrivalled communications environment for business.

What’s more, with a philosophy of being “closer to the customer” Onlime has a dedicated team of professionals based in offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, India, Sierra Leone, Angola, DR Congo, Uganda, South Africa, USA and UAE. The technical hub in Germany is a fully manned disaster recovery facility with a help desk running 24/7 and Onlime delivers customers the peace of mind, knowing wherever they may be doing business, whatever time of day or night a rapid response is guaranteed.

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