Gifts for men: 11 best gifts for him this holiday season

“What am I going to get so-and-so for Christmas?”

It’s the age-old question, made especially tricky when trying to nail the perfect gift for that person (or persons) who’s impossible to shop for.

“What am I going to get so-and-so for Christmas?”

It’s the age-old question, made especially tricky when trying to nail the perfect gift for that person (or persons) who’s impossible to shop for. Ever have someone say, upon asking what they’d like this year, “Oh, I don’t want anything.” So helpful!

Don’t get down, because we’re here for you. If you’re hunting for a great gift for him this holiday – whether your dad, brother, husband, partner, golfing buddy, whoever! – then look no further than our expertly curated list below.

Tile Mate

$24.92 on Amazon£22.99 on Amazon UK

Got a guy who’s always losing things? Tile Mate helps put an end to perpetually misplaced items. The device attaches to any belonging, such as keys or a wallet, and should that item become lost, it can be tracked down with the help of Bluetooth.

If the item is out of range, Tile will tell users the last location they had it, or even leverage the Tile community to help find it. The Tile Slim ($24.99/ £22.99 on Amazon) is also available, and as it’s slightly thinner and a little wider, it slips perfectly into a wallet.

Zepp swing analyzer

$98.80 – $149.98 on Amazon£88.75 – £129.99 on Amazon UK

If you’re hopping for a guy who’s into sports and always looking to improve his game, Zepp is a great choice. It offers a range of swing analyzers, including nodes for baseball, soccer, golf and tennis.

Zepp simply attaches to a leg, club, bat or glove, connects to an app, and voilà! Anyone can track and improve their technique using 3D analysis, instant evaluations and even a smart coach. Perfect for amateur or expert alike!

The best GPS golfing watches for 2016Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

$229 on Amazon£371.50 on Amazon UK

Perhaps the gent you’re shopping for isn’t into sports or losing things – maybe he’s the cautious type, and would go to any length to keep his stuff safe. If so, this gift is for him.

The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is not only solid at security, but it also makes getting in the door more convenient for its owner. Because it connects to an app via Bluetooth, all your lucky lock recipient has to do is tap on it twice to open a door. No more fumbling around for keys to get inside.

LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator

$4,049.99 at Best Buy

We know a fridge is a big gift, but with ice box technology advancing as much as it has in recent years, we couldn’t resist. Plus, there’s a good chance the man on your list likes to eat, drink and entertain, right?

The LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator not only offers a convenient drink dispenser, but it also has a window that lets hungry hordes peer inside. Simply knock twice, and the inside lights up without ever needing to open the door. This gift might be pricey, but there’s nothing like showing off that boast-worthy beer stash on game day.

Apple Watch Nike+

Starts at $369 at AppleStarts at £369 at Apple UK

The second-gen Apple Watch is here, and it has some great new features over the original that make it an awesome gift choice.

Just to scratch the surface, the Apple Watch Series 2 features built-in GPS and waterproofing, meaning it can go swimming without someone having to worry about breaking it.

The Nike+ version takes the sports features even further, offering a breathable band and faster app access. You can’t really go wrong with any Series 2 model, but for the sportier chap, we lean towards the Nike+ edition.

GoGo inflight internet subscription

Starts at $49.95/month at GoGo

If the fella on your list is a frequent flier, he likely knows the pain – after finally boarding, he turns on his phone or computer, only to remember that to get online, he has to shell out for a pricey 24-hour pass or subscribe to a more long-term plan.

Thankfully, many major US airlines use the same internet provider – GoGo – and you can purchase an inflight subscription that works on any of them. Subscriptions range from $49.95 for a single-airline monthly plan, all the way up to $719 for a year’s worth of access. Trust us, your traveler will think of you the next time he’s watching Netflix at 35,000 feet.

Nintendo NES Mini

$59.88 at Walmart£49.99 at Nintendo’s UK store

Want to get the gamer in your life something a bit more original than an Xbox One S or PS4 Pro? Try the Nintendo NES Mini, one of this holiday’s most sought after items.

The shrunken retro console is difficult to track down right now, though retailers like Amazon promise more stock before Christmas. It’s worth the trouble: the machine not only recreates a classic look, but comes stocked with 30 games, including Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros, for hours of old-school fun.

6 NES Mini alternatives to get your retro fix from this ChristmasStar Wars Battle Quad drone

$239.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

You may be aware of Star Wars: Rogue One opening in theaters, and chances are if the fella you’re shopping for knows about the film, one of these drones will be right up his alley.

Star Wars Battle Quad drones let fliers zip along at up to 35 mph, perform impressive tricks and even hold InfraRed dogfights. Each drone features authentic lights and sounds from the series, letting whomever receives one live out his Starfighter fantasy.

R2-D2 USB car charger

$33.12 (includes shipping) on Amazon£46.56 on Amazon UK

Rogue One is neat and all, but nothing beats classic Star Wars, and especially not R2-D2.

While decidedly lower-tech than drones, this car charger will make whomever receives it feel like he’s got a trusty droid by his side, one that keeps all his gadgets juiced up while he’s on the go. This R2 features two USB charging points and plugs into a cigarette lighter, but the real advantage here is the automatic street cred one gets for having R2-D2 in their cup holder.

GoPro Hero+

$139.99 on Amazon£189.99 on AmazonMore cheap GoPro deals

Action. Adventure. GoPro. These go hand-in-hand, and you can’t go wrong with gifting a GoPro Hero+.

This waterproof camera shoots in 1080p and can capture 8MP photos. Get it with Wi-Fi enabled, and users can fiddle with modes and settings from a smartphone if their camera is out of reach. This feature also allows for easy sharing, letting everyone else (who’s safely at home) in on the thrill.

Navdy Mounted Windshield Projector

$799 at Navdy

Talk about space age: the Navdy Mounted Windshield Projector displays information like maps and incoming calls on a pane of glass positioned on the dashboard. Not only does it look sleek, but Navdy also keeps driver’s eyes on the road at all times.

This is a great gift for the guy who’s always in the car/wants to feel like James Bond on his commute to work. Navdy even responds to gesture controls, upping its already cool factor by a considerable amount.

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