The best Sprint plans in January 2017

Big changes for the best Sprint plans are underway, now that the iPhone 7 is out. It’s the US mobile network with some of the cheapest rates, even if (and maybe because) it’s not the most popular.

Big changes for the best Sprint plans are underway, now that the iPhone 7 is out. It’s the US mobile network with some of the cheapest rates, even if (and maybe because) it’s not the most popular. As of January 2017, it has a six-tier plan and also sticks with two unlimited plans, one with more throttling than than the other. But it’s all cheaper than most data rates out there. Let’s dive into our complete breakdown of Sprint’s plans.

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Sprint Better Choice Plan: Explained

Following in the footsteps of the other major network, Sprint has simplified its options down to the single customizable Better Choice Plan. You are in charge of how much data you pay for each month, ranging from 1GB all the way to unlimited. Every tier of the Better Choice Plan includes unlimited text and talk. Here’s a look at how the levels of the Better Choice Plan are priced out.

Extra Small:1GB – $20/monthSmall:3GB – $30/monthMedium:6GB – $45/monthLarge:12GB – $60/monthX-Large:24GB – $80/monthXX-Large:40GB – $100/monthUnlimited Freedom:$60/month (throttling)Unlimited Freedom Premium:$80/month (less throttling)

Sprint plans: access charges

In addition to the price of data, anyone who get a phone with a 24-month agreement discount must pay an access charge of $45/month, or $25/month for unlimited users. If you’re already paying $100 for a shared data plan each month, this can add up in a hurry. However, if you’re leasing or purchasing the phone with monthly installments, the monthly access fee for XS to XXL plans are a flat $20. If you’re simply an email hound and want to be available to reach at all times, a low-tier plan is likely the perfect fit for you since Sprint took a page out of T-Mobile’s book and offers unlimited 2G data.


The right Sprint plan for you

The amount of data you need is something only you can determine. If you’re someone who likes to binge episodes of Kitchen Nightmares with or without WiFi, you will definitely want to lean towards a bigger plan. If you just need enough data to evolve a Magikarp in Pokemon Go, you may be able to save some cash and stick with a leaner data package. Let’s take a look at who might be best suited for each of Sprint’s Simple Choice Plans:

Sprint plans: Extra Small | 1GB | Unlimited calls and texts | $20/month
Although this isn’t Sprint’s greatest value, if you’re simply an occasional data user, there’s no sense in paying for more than you need. If you can eek by in this day and age with a measly $20 data bill, you’re doing something right.

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Sprint plan: Small | 3GB | Unlimited calls and texts | $30/month
This tier is perfect for the moderate data user who restrains from video and music streaming. If you’re simply interested in checking social media and posting tantalizing food pics, this plan is for you.

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Sprint plan: Medium | 6GB | Unlimited calls and texts | $45/month
Maybe you’re looking for a bit more out of your data. If you’re going to stream any movies or Spotify playlists, you need a data plan to back you up. This is perfect for a single customer who uses a moderate amount of data each month, or a couple of light data users.

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Sprint plan: Large | 12GB | Unlimited calls and texts | $60/month
For most consumers, 12GB is too much for a single user, although we won’t judge if you want to stream the entire run of Parks and Recreation on your phone. For a couple of moderate users, this is the perfect plan to cover your data needs.

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Sprint plan: Extra Large | 24GB | Unlimited calls and texts | $80/month
This one’s perfect for a family of four moderate data users. For only $80/month, this is a steal of a deal compared to the 6GB plan.

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Sprint plan: Extra Extra Large: | 40GB | Unlimited calls and texts | $100/month
Although this is an absurd amount of data to spread over a typical family, if you’re looking for this much data, now’s the perfect time to act. For a limited time, the 40GB plan includes a full 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime — a $100 value.

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Sprint plan: Unlimited | Unlimited data | Unlimited calls and texts | $60/month or 80/month
Sprint has a two-tiered unlimited plan, and both are actually cheaper than its 40GB plan that tops out at $100. You just have to be willing to deal with video, music and game throttling. Unlimited Freedom caps video, for example, at 480p, while Unlimited Freedom Premium bumps the cap up to 1080p. It’s a not a bad deal if you’re not a heavy streamer since everything else runs normally.

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Sprint plans: The best prepaid options

If leasing a phone and making monthly installments inside a 24-month contract aren’t really your thing, Sprint has a stellar lineup of prepaid plan options for you to choose from.

1GB: $35/month3GB: $45/month5GB: $55/month

Sprint plans: Special Offers

Sprint is offering some pretty unique and valuable special offers with its plans. First and foremost, the network is offering a 30-day guarantee that you’ll be fully satisfied or you get a full refund. If you’re still unsure if Sprint is the right carrier for you, this 30-day trial could be the perfect answer to your question. Sprint is also running its “iPhone Forever” initiative, which ensures that iPhone-using customers will get the newest iPhone every year, or every 12 payments. It’s currently included when you lease an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The most intriguing perk that Sprint is currently offering is a free Amazon Prime subscription. You can get 60 days for free by signing up in any capacity, but if you sign up for 40GB/month, you land yourself an entire year’s subscription of Amazon Prime — a $100 value. If you’re sharing your data with a few other people, this perk alone is almost worth giving 40GB a shot.


Sprint Plans: Choose your phone

It’s important to remember that a plan is only as good as its phone. All of Sprint’s flagship handsets are available through the Better Choice plan. Check out our ranking of the best phones on Sprint.


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