The best T-Mobile plans for September 2017

T-Mobile’s data plans have been some of the best and most affordable since it took up the mantle of the ‘Uncarrier’ and dropped the old way of mobile networks. The good prices didn’t come with a lack of solid features either.

T-Mobile’s data plans have been some of the best and most affordable since it took up the mantle of the ‘Uncarrier’ and dropped the old way of mobile networks. The good prices didn’t come with a lack of solid features either.

T-Mobile has made it easy to become a new customer, easy to pick up a new smartphone, and thanks to a recent change in its plans, it’s easier than ever to pick one of T-Mobile’s plans.

If T-Mobile is the carrier you want, check out the details on each plan it offers to find the one that fits your needs and budget.

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T-Mobile One plan: Explained

The T-Mobile One plan just about explains itself. T-Mobile has completely streamlined the process of selecting a post-paid plan by simply offering one plan. The One plan includes unlimited calling, texting and data. That’s with music and video streaming and mobile hotspot.

T-Mobile makes the prices simple, too, by offering a clear monthly price that includes all fees and taxes for the service. The price varies based on how many lines are added, so you can get a lower rate if you sign up with family and friends.

There are also a couple of add-ons to the service that we’ll dive into shortly.

Jump straight to the T-Mobile One plan

Previously T-Mobile had offered its mobile data plans with clear data caps and a Data Stash features to roll over unused data, but that’s no longer necessary with unlimited data for everyone on the One plan. The old Music Freedom and Binge On services that allowed users to stream music and video without counting it toward their data is also gone, because data limits are gone.

Users on the One plan may face reduced speeds during times of network congestion, but that is aimed primarily at users who exceed 32GB of data usage a month. Video and hotspot data rates may also be limited depending on the plan you choose.

Finding the right T-Mobile plan for you:

You will still have the choice of deciding whether you want to pick any of the add-ons the T-Mobile One plan offers, and you may also want to check out the pre-paid options if the One plan doesn’t seem right for you.

We’ll include all the details so you can pick the plan that’s right for you, whether you hardly use your phone or hardly put it down.

T-Mobile One plan: Unlimited calls, texts, and data | from $40 per line per month
The price of the T-Mobile One plan varies based on how mnay people sign up. The price for one line is $70 per month. For two lines it’s just $100 per month. Three lines are $140, and four lines cost $160. Split the price with friends, and you could be paying just $40 per month for unlimited data, calls, and texts.

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T-Mobile One Plus add-on: | Bonus features and increased speeds | $10 more per line per month
For users that want to up the quality of their One plan, an additional $10 per line each month will allow for unlimited HD video streaming in the US, 10GB of mobile hotspot at LTE speeds, along with increased data speeds abroad, free in-flight Wi-Fi through Gogo, voicemail to text functionality and Name ID.

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T-Mobile One Plus International| unlimited hotspot and more international features| $25 more per line per month
If the One Plus plan looked good but you want even more from it, the One Plus International add-on is just $25 more per line each month and has all the features of the One Plus plan but adds unlimited LTE-speed mobile hotspot and unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones in multiple countries.

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T-Mobile Unlimited 55+| Unlimited data, calls and texts | $60 per month for 2 lines
For mobile users over the age of 55, T-Mobile is offering two lines of it’s service with all the same features as the One plan but for only $60. For a bunch of unlimited services, that’s a great price if you’ve got someone to split the plan with.

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T-Mobile: Prepaid plans

T-Mobile also has prepaid plans if your credit is an issue or if the One plan simply isn’t striking your fancy. Some of them include unlimited data, with caps on how much you can use at LTE speed, and many include unlimited talk and text. Take a look at the offers T-Mobile has available.

T-Mobile One No Credit Check: $75/month with depositT-Mobile One Prepaid:$75/month4GB:$45/month6GB:$55/month10GB:$50/month for a limited time

T-Mobile also offers some pay-as-you-go options for users who don’t think they’ll use their phone very much, but want the option available.

Talk/Text: $3/month – Any combination of 30 minutes of talk or 30 texts, plus 10 cents for each additional text or minuteData:$5/day – 500MB of 4G LTEData:$10/week – 1GB of 4G LTE

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