Princess Cruises Successfully Completes First Voyage Following Extended Pause in Operations

“Welcome back to Princess, is what I said to our guests while I was cruising with them onboard Majestic Princess for our first Return to Alaska cruise,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president.

“Welcome back to Princess, is what I said to our guests while I was cruising with them onboard Majestic Princess for our first Return to Alaska cruise,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president. “From the very beginning, Alaska has been at the core of Princess Cruises and has really helped shaped the very essence of who we are today. While visiting ports of call, I personally expressed my gratitude to our port partners and elected officials who were instrumental in our return and joined me in warmly welcoming guests to their picturesque communities.”

This fall, Princess Cruises will begin sailing from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Ft. Lauderdale. Starting between September 25 and November 28, 2021, cruises onboard eight Princess MedallionClass™ ships will once again take guests to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexico, Hawaii, and the California Coast.

Princess cruises sailings through 2021 are available for guests who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise and have proof of vaccination. Crew vaccinations will be in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Princess MedallionClass Vacation
A significant part of the guest services experience includes the cruise line’s effortless and personalized Princess MedallionClass vacation.

Majestic Princess offers TrulyTouchless™ experiences with more ways to support physical distancing and personalization that simplifies the guest experience and delivers next-level service supporting new health protocols.

The cruise line’s award-winning OceanMedallion wearable device replaces the traditional cruise card and pairs with embedded IoT (“Internet of things”) – driven innovative technology to significantly expand touch-free options and personalization on board Majestic Princess. The cruise line just announced CrewCallTM service on demand is available on stateroom TVs as well as the MedallionClass app and leverages the innovative OceanMedallion wearable to guide a crew member to a guest’s exact location to be of service to the guest. Additional features include:

Touchless embarkation and disembarkation Keyless stateroom entry Completely contactless commerce Simplified safety training On-demand food, beverages and retail items delivered anywhere on board Guest service requests via mobile device chat Location-based gaming and wagering Entertainment content via smart devices

Majestic Princess offers the best Wi-Fi at sea, MedallionNet™, so guests can stay connected to the things and people they love and share vacation memories with ease. MedallionNet offers unprecedented connectivity that’s fast, unlimited, reliable, and affordable with an access point in every stateroom, so guests can stream favorite movies, shows, games and music; connect to favorite social media sites; and video chat from anywhere on the ship.

Cruise with Confidence

As of now and subject to change as CDC guidance, medical, and public health guidance evolves, the line’s Cruise Health program provides steps to enhance public health. Please check regularly, as there will be updates as new procedures are finalized and existing protocols may evolve.

Updates to the cruise line’s Cruise with Confidence program are also being implemented, providing peace of mind for booked guests who may encounter an unexpected trip cancellation or interruption due to COVID-19. Guests can cancel for any reason up to 30 days before departure and receive a Future Cruise Credit for any cancellation fees and a refund of additional funds received to the original payment method. As an enhanced benefit, guests may cancel and receive the same Future Cruise Credit and refund within 30 days all the way to sailing day if they test positive for COVID-19. Full details can be found here.

Cruises can be booked through a professional travel advisor, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS (1-800-774-6237), or by visiting the company’s website at

Editors’ note:
B-roll can be downloaded here.

About Princess Cruises:
One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises is the world’s leading international premium cruise line and tour company operating a fleet of 14 modern cruise ships, carrying two million guests each year to 380 destinations around the globe, including the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Europe, South America, Australia/New Zealand, the South Pacific, Hawaii, Asia, Canada/New England, Antarctica, and World Cruises. A team of professional destination experts have curated 170 itineraries, ranging in length from three to 111 days and Princess Cruises is continuously recognized as “Best Cruise Line for Itineraries.” In 2017 Princess Cruises, with parent company Carnival Corporation, introduced MedallionClass Vacations enabled by the OceanMedallion device, the vacation industry’s most advanced wearable device, provided free to each guest sailing on a MedallionClass ship. The award-winning innovation offers the fastest way to an effortless personalized vacation giving guests more time to do the things they love most. The company is part of Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE:CUK).

In line with the latest advice from health officials about COVID-19, Princess Cruises is currently enhancing health and safety protocols with input from medical experts and government bodies and assessing how they may impact future itineraries. Actual offerings may vary from what is displayed in marketing materials. Click on the following links to stay updated oncurrent Cruise Updates and Health & Safety protocols.

SOURCE Princess Cruises

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Xfinity home internet review: Is the biggest cable provider the best? – CNET

Comcast Xfinity is the nation’s largest cable internet provider, but does that automatically make it the best? I was impressed by the variety of internet speed plans offered, but my eyes started to glaze over as I began digging into the details.

Comcast Xfinity is the nation’s largest cable internet provider, but does that automatically make it the best? I was impressed by the variety of internet speed plans offered, but my eyes started to glaze over as I began digging into the details.

With Xfinity, some plans require you to sign a one-year contract, others require a two-year commitment and some require no contract at all. Beyond that, you’ll need to contend with a data cap each month, and you can expect the price of your plan to increase over time, sometimes to almost double the introductory charge.

Xfinity home internet

See at AllConnect

LikeGood variety of plans from which to chooseOne of the fastest residential plans availableAbove average scores in almost all customer satisfaction metrics

Don’t LikeData caps for all plans, no unlimited optionsContracts required to get the lowest priceSteep jump from promo price to regular rates

Unfortunately, headaches like that are par for the course with internet providers, and they can make it difficult to tell if you’re actually getting a good deal on your home’s internet connection. Still, Xfinity is available to more than a third of the country, and for many in that footprint, it’s the fastest option available. That means it’s worth understanding what you might be getting — especially if you feel the need for speed and fiber isn’t an option for your area or address.

What plans can you get with Xfinity Internet?

Depending on where you live, Xfinity offers up to seven different internet plans, and if you want the best price, you’ll have to shackle yourself to a contract. Here are the specifics:

Xfinity Internet plans and pricing will vary depending on your location

Yep, Comcast offers slightly different rates from region to region. Some of the differences are negligible — the gigabit plan in all three regions falls between $70 and $85 per month — but further variance can be found in the introductory 50Mbps plans. In the Central and West regions, you’ll find monthly rates of $20 to $25, but customers in the Northeast are met with a starting price of $65 for the same speed. What gives?

“We’re a regional provider and market and price our products based on individual local market dynamics,” an Xfinity spokesperson told CNET. “That’s why our costs can be different on a market-by-market basis.”

Not sure that answers the question, though. Sure, a gallon of milk can cost you $3.80 in Connecticut but $3.50 in Colorado — but why is the East Coast’s monthly price of a 50Mbps plan more than three times what a customer in Colorado pays? That’s simply poor value for our friends in the Northeast.


Bring your home up to speed with the latest on automation, security, utilities, networking and more.

In most cases, these varying price points won’t be of much concern or consequence to the average consumer. But considering Xfinity is available in 39 states, it may come into play for those who are moving from one part of the country to another and will find themselves face to face with some significant sticker shock.

Did someone say sticker shock?

One big detail to keep in mind with Xfinity plans is the sometimes stark contrast of your enticing promo price and a more costly regular rate. To be fair, most internet service providers try to lure customers with competitive introductory prices that eventually balloon into a high monthly fee. That’s not singular to Comcast Xfinity, but you might be surprised at just how steep those price increases actually are.

For example, if your household wanted to go with a midtier selection like the 400Mbps plan, you would initially pay approximately $58 a month — the average starting price of the three different regions. That’s a very competitive rate. However, once a year passes, your monthly bill will jump to a monthly average of $92. That’s more than just a blip: That’s a bounce of nearly 60%!

Price jumps aside, Xfinity’s regular rates — the amount you’ll pay each month after the cost goes up — aren’t all that unreasonable. For instance, the cost per Mbps of the regular rate across all plans is $0.39, which is right about in the middle of what customers can expect to pay for cable internet service. It’s not as low as Spectrum’s $0.25 per Mbps standard cost, but much more affordable than the average $0.80 per Mbps that Cox offers for its regular rates.

How do you know which Xfinity Internet plan is right for you?

Many ISPs offer three or four plan options, so comparatively, when looking at the seven across the Xfinity grid, you could potentially get overwhelmed. But there’s no need to panic. We’ve got a helpful primer on how much speed you really need — give that read, pick a plan that falls in line with your average usage, and don’t be afraid to be conservative. If you find your plan to be insufficient for your needs, Xfinity will always be happy to bump you up to a plan that’s faster (and more expensive).

What type of internet connections does Xfinity offer?

One detail you may have noticed in the plan tables is the discrepancy between the download and upload speeds. This is because Xfinity Internet relies almost solely on hybrid fiber-coaxial cable connections to provide service to subscribers’ homes. HFC offers speeds much faster than those typically offered by DSL, satellite and fixed wireless networks, but due to the asymmetrical nature of the connection, your download speeds will always be much higher than your upload speeds. That’s the main reason why cable falls short of the performance of fiber-to-the-home networks.

Typically, we pay closer attention to download speeds because they affect our ability to watch movies, listen to new music or stream our favorite shows without that nagging buffering. That said, as more of us work from home, our ability to upload files is becoming more and more important. For example, Zoom recommends at least 2Mbps for single-screen usage of its platform. If you have two people on separate Zoom calls at the same time, or if you’re on an important work call while your kids are gaming online, you could potentially run into issues very quickly on some of these plans.

While the majority of its footprint features HFC, Xfinity does offer an FTTH option with its top-speed plan, Gigabit Pro. That plan is only available in select homes that are equipped for it, so you’ll need to request a site survey to ensure that serviceability is even possible. Our Comcast sources also tell us that Xfinity is putting its resources on finding ways to utilize existing cable connections to achieve the symmetrical speeds we commonly associate with fiber rather than chasing after additional fiber deployments.

Where can you get Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity Internet plans are available in 39 states as well as Washington, DC. The full lineup includes Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

If you live in one of these states and are trying to determine whether you’re eligible for Xfinity service, you can check your address using the internet serviceability tool at the bottom or top of this page.

What should I expect from my Xfinity Internet bill?

It’s always a good idea to take some time to read the fine print. If you’re planning out your budget, you want to make sure you’ve allotted the proper amount for your internet service. After all, it’s not just about the starting monthly fee.

Additional monthly fees

Speaking of the monthly fee, the promo rate assumes a $10-per-month discount for enrolling in automatic payments and paperless billing. If you choose not to go that route, you can expect an additional $10 per month on your bill. Also, as we mentioned above, after your promo rate ends, your monthly rate will convert to a much higher regular rate.

You’ll also be charged another $14 a month for the xFi Gateway, a sleek modem-router combo exclusive to Xfinity that features free security measures, parental controls over your home’s Wi-Fi and full tech support. Xfinity does give you the option to use your own modem and router, but your equipment must be compatible with its service. Even if it is, you won’t get the same technical support or device upgrades that you will with the xFi.

One-time installation fee

If you would like a technician to activate your service and verify all your home connections, then you’ll incur a charge of $40. Xfinity does let you bypass this additional cost by selecting self-install, meaning it’ll ship you a Getting Started kit and you can activate service on your own, using the Xfinity app.

Xfinity Internet Data Usage Plan

Yes, sadly, Xfinity enforces a monthly data cap, set at 1.2TB (1,200GB) of data each month. (Note: Data limits will not apply for the Northeast market until 2022.) It should be noted that several other ISPs — including Frontier, Verizon and cable competitors Spectrum and WOW — offer unlimited data with your monthly fee. So Xfinity falls behind some of its challengers when it comes to data caps.

That said, what does 1.2TB of data get you? If you want to binge all three seasons of Stranger Things in glorious Ultra HD you can expect to use up to 7GB per hour of viewing time. A Statista report from October 2020 noted that the average monthly household internet usage was up to over 400GB in March of last year and although it continues to rise, at that point over 90% of customers were staying under their monthly data limit.

If, however, you do find your household using more than the given 1.2TB of data per month, you’ll be charged an additional $10 for each increment of 50GB you exceed. The maximum monthly overage charge is $100. Xfinity does have an Unlimited Data Option, which will cost you an additional $30 a month — it’ll keep you well under that $100 monthly overage threshold, but it’s only really worth it if you’ll be incurring at least three overage charges per month, on average.

Bundles, freebies and other extra perks

We’ve talked about the not-so-hidden additional fees you might expect to incur when signing up for internet service. You will also find freebies or enticing extras that come when you sign up for broadband with Xfinity.

First, you can add the Xfinity Flex 4K streaming TV box and voice remote for free. This will give you access to popular streaming apps and lots of free content, as well as Peacock Premium (which features access to all programming on the service with limited commercials), which is a $5-per-month value.

Second, you can potentially get another $10 a month off your internet bill for two years if you have an active, qualifying Xfinity Mobile line.

Next up, customers who order online the Gigabit plan will also receive a $150 Visa Prepaid Card. You can get more specific details in the CNET internet promotions guide.

Finally, because Xfinity offers TV, home security, voice and mobile services in addition to its broadband offerings, there are a number of bundle deals available to help you knock $10 or more a month off your regular bill. Similar to the tables we listed above, the exact bundle deals vary by region, but all customers should have the option of nearly 10 types of bundles, ranging from Double Play options (internet plus another service) to premium bundle packages that include internet, TV and streaming, phone and home security.

How does Xfinity fare on customer satisfaction?

Xfinity by Comcast has steadily risen in customer satisfaction metrics over the last few years. When you look at its 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index numbers, Xfinity was up a point from its 2020 score, which itself was up five points from 2019. Its current score is 67 out of a possible 100 points. That puts it above the industry average of 65, and good enough first place among all cable providers and third place among all ISPs, trailing only Verizon Fios and AT&T.

Hopping over to the J.D. Power 2020 US Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study, Xfinity consistently ranked near the top in overall customer satisfaction. The study uses a 1,000-point scale and breaks the country down into four geographic regions — West, South, North Central and East. Xfinity averaged a score of 731 points across all of them, which was good for second place in all regions except for the West, where it placed third, after AT&T and Sparklight.

Let’s recap

Comcast Xfinity is the largest cable internet provider in the country, with relatively strong customer service scores and gigabit service available across the entire coverage map. Addresses equipped for a fiber-to-the-home connection might even be able to sign up for speeds of 2,000Mbps, which is as fast as residential internet currently gets. Unless a dedicated fiber provider offers service in your area, the odds are good that Xfinity is your fastest option.

Just watch out for the company’s price hikes after year one. Though most providers will raise your bill after the first year, Xfinity’s increases can be particularly steep, especially in the Northeast and Central divisions. You’ll also need to contend with Xfinity’s data cap, though at 1.2TB, most households should be able to manage just fine without going over. If all of that sounds workable, then Xfinity is well worth consideration.

Xfinity Internet FAQs

Is Comcast the same as Xfinity?

Yes. Comcast owns Xfinity and launched the brand back in 2010. Comcast offers internet, TV, home security and phone services under the Xfinity brand.

What is the phone number for Xfinity?

The Xfinity customer service phone number is 800-934-6489. If you want to bypass the phones, you can contact Xfinity online at Xfinity Support, where you can chat with a representative at all hours of the day, find an Xfinity location near you or visit a variety of help and support forums.

Where can I find info on Xfinity’s privacy policy?

The Xfinity Privacy Policy is fairly easy to find on its site. Even better, it’s surprisingly thorough and helpful for customers.

For example, there are easy-to-follow instructions on how customers can control what data Comcast/Xfinity collects. In fact, the company’s Manage opt-outs page also includes guidance on how to opt out of data collection via Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and more.

“If we share your personal information with other companies for their own marketing and advertising activities, we will first get your consent,” the policy reads, before noting those choices for opting in or out of data-driven marketing.

“We do not sell, and have never sold, information that identifies who you are to anyone,” the policy states. “This includes your internet usage information, video usage information, or call detail information.”

Does Xfinity offer the best internet plans?

Xfinity certainly features some of the greatest variety of plans from which to choose, and it can boast the fastest plan for residential homes with its Gigabit Pro offering. But whether it offers the best internet plan for your home depends on your address, and what other providers may be available to you.


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Notification offBroadband

CenturyLink home internet: Get a fiber price that’s mighty nice – CNET

Available in 37 states, CenturyLink Internet may best be known for its former Price for Life deal. But my first introduction to the company was in 2011 with CenturyLink Field, home of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.

Available in 37 states, CenturyLink Internet may best be known for its former Price for Life deal. But my first introduction to the company was in 2011 with CenturyLink Field, home of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. I thought CenturyLink was a bank or maybe even an insurance company. It turns out it’s one of the country’s largest internet service providers, available to over 49 million customers across the country, according to Federal Communications Commission data.

In September 2020, CenturyLink (along with the stadium it sponsors) rebranded itself to Lumen Technologies. The CenturyLink brand still exists as the name of its internet service offering, though. If you live in the northwest (and are perhaps one of the 12s, as Seahawks fans are lovingly called), or in any of the other states where CenturyLink is available, it might be one of your top home internet options.

CenturyLink home internet

See at AllConnect

LikeSome of the most affordable fiber plans you can find with CenturyLink’s Quantum FiberUnlimited data and no contracts required, so no worries about cancellation fees or overage charges

Don’t LikeDSL speeds can vary wildly based on address and sometimes fall below what the FCC deems as “broadband”Overall plan section is limited based on your address

CenturyLink offers customers either digital subscriber line or fiber-optic internet service. Ground-laid fiber-optic cable is a lot faster than phone line-based DSL connections, so your speeds will vary significantly depending on what’s available at your address. Of the 37 states it services, CenturyLink provides its Quantum Fiber to 25 of them, so not all of its customers will have access to those faster speeds. If you do, don’t hesitate to dive in — it’s one of the most affordable fiber plans you can find across the country. But if DSL is your only option, you might find your internet experience to be lacking.

To start, here’s where CenturyLink internet is available

You can find CenturyLink home internet service in 37 states across the US. The list includes Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

According to a spokesperson for Lumen, “Quantum Fiber is currently available in about 50% of our footprint, including Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Springfield, Missouri, with additional cities planned throughout 2021.”

See at CenturyLink

CenturyLink home internet plans and prices

CenturyLink currently offers DSL internet plans, which can range up to 140Mbps, or a 100% fiber network featuring two available plans. A Lumen spokesperson told CNET the company is continuing to invest and expand its fiber footprint, so it’s been unveiling its new Quantum Fiber brand to its markets this year.

CenturyLink plans and pricing

For many of its serviceable addresses, CenturyLink offers just a handful of the above plans. In a few areas, you may have only one choice. That’s unusual among ISPs, most of which will typically offer three to five different plan options at most addresses.

As to the value of the plans offered by CenturyLink, the average cost per Mbps for the DSL plans is $1, which is an extremely competitive rate for that particular connection type. By comparison, the average cost per Mbps of the DSL plans offered by AT&T, Frontier and Verizon is $2.44. I should note that I’m comparing the regular rates, not promo costs, because CenturyLink doesn’t do promo pricing. The price you get at the start is the price you’ll have after your first year.

Over on the fiber side, the average cost per Mbps of the Quantum Fiber gigabit plan is 7 cents, which is significantly less expensive than the cable gigabit offerings from Spectrum, Comcast and Cox (all between 12 and 14 cents) and the gigabit fiber plans from AT&T, Frontier and Verizon, which all hover around 9 cents.

It should be noted that as it currently stands, CenturyLink’s fiber plans are some of the best values you’ll find in home internet.

Fiber speeds are fast, but DSL, not so much

If the Quantum Fiber or Fiber Gigabit plan is available in your area, CenturyLink internet service is plenty fast. You’ll find symmetrical download and upload speeds, which means better performance for work (no glitchy Zoom calls or frozen FaceTime frames) and play (less lag during online gaming and no issues streaming Loki in 4K).

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that CenturyLink fiber isn’t available at every address in the footprint. In many regions, service is only available via DSL, which lags well behind fiber and cable in terms of speeds and performance.

For example, if you head to the speed-testing website Ookla, you’ll find a Speed Score metric that tracks ISPs based on a combination of download and upload speeds. Its most recent scores, taken during the first quarter of 2021, list CenturyLink in sixth place behind Verizon, Cox, Xfinity, Spectrum and AT&T Internet. That might not seem so bad, but consider that the five providers above it averaged a score of just under 138. CenturyLink rang in with an average score of just 52.60.


Bring your home up to speed with the latest on automation, security, utilities, networking and more.

The gap isn’t quite so vast when you look at Ookla’s Consistency Score, which is a way of looking at how often a provider delivers broadband speeds to its customers. While CenturyLink again came in sixth place, it notched a 51.1% score to the other five’s average of 84.2%. Again, not stellar, but not as stark a difference as the previous comparison.

Lastly, according to the FCC’s most recent, January report on fixed broadband performance, roughly 40% of CenturyLink customers experienced download speeds greater than 95% of the advertised speed, while another 40% or so reported speeds that fell between 80 and 95% of the advertised number. That leaves a little over 20% of the customer base reporting speeds that were less than 80% as fast as advertised.

That’s in harsh contrast to cable and fiber providers such as Cox, Mediacom, Verizon and Xfinity, for whom 93-99% of customers found their performance to be equal or better than 95% of the advertised download speed. To be fair, the FCC numbers only tested CenturyLink DSL plans and none of the fiber plans, so the numbers are skewed towards the lowest speed tiers that CenturyLink offers.

Other aspects of CenturyLink internet you need to know

To offer you its competitive prices and no-term agreements, CenturyLink does require monthly prepayment. But this also means no credit checks. Here are a few more details to consider when evaluating CenturyLink’s internet service.

Additional monthly fees

Like many other ISPs — including Spectrum, Verizon and Xfinity — CenturyLink gives you the option to avoid a modem or router rental by using your own device. You can check the list of CenturyLink compatible devices, but if you decide to go with your own gear, you won’t be eligible for CenturyLink’s free 24/7 tech support.

Going with CenturyLink’s equipment will add an additional $15 a month to your bill. One thing to note from the small print — the monthly equipment fee does not fall under the Price for Life deal, so it’s possible that part of your bill could increase during your time of service.

One-time fees

While there’s no charge for self-installation, not all addresses are eligible for that option. If that’s the case at your place, CenturyLink will charge $99 for professional installation. In some instances, that fee may go up to $125. Additionally, you can expect a one-time broadband activation fee of $20 when you begin service.

Lastly, if you wanted to avoid paying the additional monthly equipment fee that we just described above, you could opt to buy the CenturyLink modem for a one-time fee of up to $200.

No data caps on any plans

In previous years, CenturyLink reserved its unlimited data for DSL plans only. Now, as part of the rollout of its Quantum Fiber plans, CenturyLink includes unlimited data with all fiber plans, too. That’s a great change and one that means you won’t need to keep an eye on your data usage or worry about gobbling up too many gigabytes before your billing cycle is over.

CenturyLink’s customer satisfaction numbers are middle of the road

Although CenturyLink saw a significant 7% increase in its 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index score by earning 63 out of a possible 100 points, it took a small step back by notching a 62 in the 2021 results. That’s still the second-highest score the company has earned with the ACSI since 2016, and the company also fared better than other providers that operate in similar suburban and rural areas, including Frontier, Mediacom, Suddenlink and Windstream. That said, CenturyLink is still three points below the overall industry average of 65/100 for all ISPs, so there’s room for additional improvement.

For the 2020 J.D. Power US Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study, CenturyLink earned a score of 704 on a 1,000-point scale in the South region and 716 in the West — and, again, both scores are below the industry average for the region. On the plus side, J.D. Power did position CenturyLink above Frontier, HughesNet, Mediacom, Suddenlink and Windstream in both the West and South regions, and above Spectrum in the West. Like the ACSI data, that suggests that CenturyLink is a solid but unspectacular, middle-of-the-pack performer in terms of customer satisfaction.

The bottom line

CenturyLink scores top points for its affordable, high-speed product, Quantum Fiber. It’s available in more states than any other provider’s fiber packages and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better rates. Once you add on the unlimited data for all speeds, you’ve got a compelling product.

But some of that enthusiasm is dulled once you realize that more than half of customers will only see CenturyLink’s DSL plans — and in some cases, those speeds are barely above the broadband minimum of 25Mbps download. As you’ll often hear from us, the true worth of a service will depend greatly on your address and which provider plans are available in your area, and CenturyLink is no exception.

CenturyLink internet FAQs

What is CenturyLink Price for Life internet?

The CenturyLink Price for Life internet deal used to cover all plans up to 140Mbps. It is no longer available to new customers as CenturyLink has focused on providing unlimited data for all plans and speed tiers.

How do I get in touch with CenturyLink customer service?

CenturyLink customer service can be reached in several ways. You can find assistance online at the CenturyLink Customer Support Center or you can use the CenturyLink chat function. Also, you can do it the old-fashioned way and give them a call at 866-642-0444.

Does CenturyLink internet offer any deals or promotions?

CenturyLink isn’t big on running short-term promotions and deals. Customers are able to get additional savings by ordering online — including, in some cases, free modem purchase and tech install — and by choosing paperless billing and prepay options.

Is there a CenturyLink data cap?

For the most part, no. CenturyLink used to reserve unlimited data for its DSL plans, but since unveiling its Quantum Fiber brand, the unlimited data cap extends to the fiber network as well. That said, the deal is available for new customers only. Existing customers may still be tethered to previous data cap limitations.

What is Lumen Technologies and did CenturyLink buy it?

Lumen Technologies was not an acquisition but is a rebranding of CenturyLink that occurred in September of last year. Many home internet customers will still see the CenturyLink brand for their services, while others will begin to see the Quantum Fiber name in 2021.

Home InternetWi-Fi

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Struggling to afford broadband at home? There’s a $50 monthly benefit you should know about – CNET

In the age of COVID-19, a reliable home internet connection is borderline essential, but broadband isn’t always easy for Americans to afford. If struggles like those sound familiar — or if you lost your job or income during the past year — there’s a government subsidy program called the Emergency Broadband Benefit that might help.

In the age of COVID-19, a reliable home internet connection is borderline essential, but broadband isn’t always easy for Americans to afford. If struggles like those sound familiar — or if you lost your job or income during the past year — there’s a government subsidy program called the Emergency Broadband Benefit that might help. Those who qualify can sign up now to receive $50 off their monthly internet bill, among other benefits.

Hundreds of broadband providers have committed to participating in the Federal Communications Commission’s program, including AT&T, CenturyLink, Charter Spectrum, Comcast Xfinity, T-Mobile and Verizon, so there’s a good chance it’s available in your area. You’ll also find eligible prepaid plans from AT&T and Cricket Wireless, as well as discounted devices at Walmart. Here’s how to tell if you qualify, how you can enroll and everything else you should know.

Step 1: Determine your eligibility

The Emergency Broadband Benefit isn’t open to everyone. Eligibility is limited, so you’ll need someone in your household who qualifies in order to opt in.

There are several ways to qualify. The first is income-based: Any household with an income less than or equal to 135% of federal poverty guidelines qualifies. That figure is weighted by the number of people who live in your home and also by where you live, as the poverty line is set higher in Alaska and Hawaii than it is in the 48 contiguous states.

Here’s how those numbers look in chart form:

If you make more than that, you may still be eligible. Anyone who experienced a “substantial loss of income” after Feb. 29, 2020 qualifies so long as their 2020 income was at or below $99,000 for a single filer or $198,000 for joint filers.

Additionally, your home qualifies if anyone in your household:

Qualifies for Lifeline benefits through participation in SNAP, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Public Housing Assistance or Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit.
Received a federal Pell Grant in the current award year.Received approval for benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch or the school breakfast programs in the 2019-20 or 2020-21 school years.Meets the eligibility criteria for an FCC-approved provider’s existing low-income or COVID-19 program.

Eligibility also extends to any household participating in one of a number of tribal-specific assistance programs, including Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribal Head Start and Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. If your home is on qualifying tribal lands, the benefit goes up to $75 per month instead of $50.

Read more:Could your state secretly owe you money? How to find out for free

Step 2: Obtain proof of eligibility

You’ll need to demonstrate your eligibility for the program when you apply, so be prepared to gather a document or two. Specifically, you’ll need to show proof of your stated income, such as a pay stub or a tax return. If you need to show a loss of income, you’ll also need to offer a termination letter, an application for unemployment benefits, a furlough notice or something similar.

Eligible by way of another program, like a Pell Grant or reduced-price lunches? Be prepared to show a card, letter or other official documentation as proof of participation when you apply.

For more guidance on what sort of documents will work best for proving eligibility, click here.

Step 3: Choose how to apply

You’ve got a number of ways to apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit — and in some cases you might not need to apply at all. For example, current enrollees of the Lifeline program don’t need to reapply, and can skip ahead to step 4. The same goes for some people who are already enrolled in an existing low-income or COVID-19 assistance program with their internet provider, so long as the provider obtains approval for its application process from the FCC.

Those who do need to submit an application will be able to do so online now until the program ends. You can also print out an application, fill it out and send it along with proof of eligibility to the following address:

Emergency Broadband Support Center
P.O. Box 7081
London, KY 40742

On top of that, participating internet providers should be able to answer your eligibility questions and guide you through the application process. And, speaking of which…

Step 4: Talk to your internet provider

Once you submit your application, you should expect a timely reply. In fact, the FCC says that those who apply online may receive immediate approval. If the FCC’s system can’t immediately determine proof of eligibility, it’ll request additional documentation and provide instructions as to how to submit those documents for review.

Either way, once you’re approved, you’ll want to give your internet provider a call, inform them of your enrollment, and ask them what plans are available at a discount. The FCC’s website features a free tool to help find qualifying providers in your area — you can access it by clicking here.

What else should I know?

For starters, it’s important to remember that this is a temporary program, so the $50 discount on your internet bill won’t last forever. The program will end once it runs out of money, or six months after the Department of Health and Human Services declares an end to the COVID-19 health emergency, whichever comes first. At that point, you’ll need to agree to pay the regular rate for your internet plan if you want to keep using it.

That said, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill currently working through Congress — which passed a key test vote in the Senate with bipartisan support — would make the benefit permanent, albeit it with the maximum discount lowered from $50 to $30. If passed, the bill would change the program’s name to the Affordable Connectivity Benefit, and also add in additional consumer protections, like ensuring that ISPs can’t tie the benefit to a long-term contract, or use it to prevent low-income customers from switching to a different provider. Eligible internet customers would also be able to apply the newly re-named Affordable Connectivity Benefit to any internet plan a provider offers, and they wouldn’t need to go through a credit check in order to receive the discount.

For additional questions about the Emergency Broadband Benefit, email or call 833-511-0311 any day of the week between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT (9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET).


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Inventec introduces E200G4, the High-Efficiency AIoT Edge Box

By 2025, 55.6% of all data will come from IoT devices, including retail devices, industrial equipment, digital signage, medical implants. 11th Gen Intel® Core processors are enhanced for IoT, with this future in mind.

By 2025, 55.6% of all data will come from IoT devices, including retail devices, industrial equipment, digital signage, medical implants. 11th Gen Intel® Core processors are enhanced for IoT, with this future in mind.

A high-performance edge AIoT device, the Inventec E200G4 is backed by an 11th Gen Intel® Core TigerLake-UP3 CPU that supports high performance and reliability for IoT systems and Intel Iris Xe graphics that can decode over 40 video streams at 1080p resolution and 30fps.

Excellent Flexibility with Multiple Wireless/AI Modules

Inventec E200G4 provides multiple internal M.2 expansion slots and wireless modules, supporting 4GLTE or 5GNR (sub-6G) and WiFi-6 modules for IoT applications or SSD NVMe modules for general storage.

The system is equipped with two slots for AI accelerators of up to 70 TOPS. In addition, the E200G4’s high-bandwidth network communication capabilities can cater to the demands of different application procedures.

5G Fixed Wireless Access

E200G4 supports Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology that delivers 5G/LTE broadband services to residential subscribers and enterprise customers. E200G4 is Microsoft Azure certified device, which allows for quick and efficient deployment as an edge device for Microsoft cloud services.

A New Software-Driven platform

Through a collaboration with Canonical, E200G4 adopts the Ubuntu Linux operation system (OS) with access to the Canonical supported Inventec Store, an app store providing complete control over store content, review processes and identity.

E200G4 can also run Canonical’s open source NFV stack, designed for hosting VNFs with optimum performance and security requirements, to become an NFVI (Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure) platform.

Industrial-Level System with Wide Operating Temperature Range

Highly modular and ultra-thin (8.66 x 1.66 x 6.77 inch), the fan less E200G4 AIoT Box makes maintenance and servicing a breeze.

The E200G4 can operate optimally between -20 and 60 Celsius with a wide operating temperature range and 0.7m/s airflow. Its strong environmental adaptability is bolstered by an Ingress Protection rating of 51 in addition to protection standards of IEC 60068-2-64 for vibrations and IEC 60068-2-27 for shocks during operations.

The E200G4’s sturdy and industry-level system make it perfect for a wide variety of typical IoT applications, including intelligent video surveillance, extensive data analysis, Industry 4.0, and smart healthcare. This is enhanced by Intel Time Coordinated Computing-enabled processors that deliver optimal compute and time performance for real-time IoT applications.

“Our long-established relationship with Intel means Inventec constantly offers users Intel-powered industrial performance AIoT with market-leading TCO (total cost of ownership),” said George Lin, General Manager of Business Unit VI, Inventec Enterprise Business Group (Inventec EBG).

“Our latest AIoT, the E200G4, is an ideal uCPE or edge device for integrated AI acceleration while supporting applications that demand high-speed processing, computer vision, and low-latency deterministic computing,” Lin added.

About Inventec Data Center Solutions (Inventec EBG)

Inventec Data Center Solutions (Inventec EBG) was established in 1998 and focused on designing and manufacturing server systems in Inventec Corporation. Over decades, Inventec EBG has been the key server system supplier of global branding clients.

For more information, please visit

Follow “Inventec Data Center Solutions” on LinkedIn and Wechat to receive their latest news and announcements.

Inventec logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Inventec Corporation.

Intel, the Intel logo, and other Intel marks are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

All trademarks and logos are the properties of their respective holders.

Media Contact

Jessica Shih
[email protected]
+886 3 390 0000 #26003

SOURCE Inventec Corporation

ZTE lancia il suo smartphone Axon 30 di ultima generazione con fotocamera sotto al display

SHENZHEN, Cina, 30 luglio 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZTE Corporation (0763.HK/000063.SZ), uno dei principali fornitori internazionali di soluzioni tecnologiche per telecomunicazioni, imprese e consumatori dell’Internet mobile, ha lanciato oggi in Cina il suo smartphone ZTE Axon 30 di ultima generazione con fotocamera sotto al display.

SHENZHEN, Cina, 30 luglio 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZTE Corporation (0763.HK/000063.SZ), uno dei principali fornitori internazionali di soluzioni tecnologiche per telecomunicazioni, imprese e consumatori dell’Internet mobile, ha lanciato oggi in Cina il suo smartphone ZTE Axon 30 di ultima generazione con fotocamera sotto al display.

ZTE ha dimostrato di essere il trendsetter del full screen creando il nuovo segmento di smartphone con fotocamera sotto al display. Grazie agli aggiornamenti delle sue tecnologie leader nel campo della fotocamera sotto al display, l’azienda ha ulteriormente accelerato il processo di commercializzazione dello smartphone dotato di questa caratteristica. Lo ZTE Axon 30 offrirà ai propri utenti un’esperienza nuova e rivoluzionaria.

Ni Fei, Vice presidente senior di ZTE Corporation e Presidente della divisione Dispositivi mobili, ha dichiarato: “Schermo e fotografia sono le due direzioni di sviluppo della futura evoluzione degli smartphone. Oggi presentiamo il nostro smartphone ZTE Axon 30 di ultima generazione con fotocamera sotto al display. Con prestazioni ulteriormente potenziate e aggiornamenti completi, lo ZTE Axon 30 rappresenta un salto di qualità e offre ai nostri utenti una rivoluzionaria esperienza visiva a schermo intero rispetto alla generazione precedente”.

Trendsetter a schermo intero per il futuro

Per ottenere il miglior equilibrio tra prestazioni del display e forma dello schermo, ZTE ha superato numerose sfide tecniche e apportato un miglioramento qualitativo all’invisibilità della fotocamera anteriore e alle prestazioni del display grazie alla continua innovazione e agli aggiornamenti delle sei tecnologie principali, inclusi matrice speciale dei pixel, circuiti unici dei driver, chip di visualizzazione indipendente, fotocamera anteriore, algoritmo selfie in-house e fotocamera a pixel di dimensioni maggiori 4 in 1, equivalente a 2,24 um.

Lo schermo dell’area della fotocamera sotto al display è il primo al mondo, con un’alta densità di pixel pari a 400 PPI. In questo modo è possibile ottenere prestazioni di visualizzazione migliori mantenendo al contempo un elevato livello di trasmissione e una migliore integrazione visiva con lo schermo nel suo complesso. L’ingegnosa disposizione del circuito consente la sincronizzazione tra la fotocamera anteriore e l’area di visualizzazione convenzionale, promettendo così una transizione più naturale tra le due. Il nuovo dispositivo è dotato di un chip di visualizzazione schermo indipendente, che rende il display più preciso e sincronizzato attraverso il miglioramento intelligente dei pixel e l’ottimizzazione intelligente dei display. ZTE Axon 30 utilizza 7 strati di materiali altamente trasparenti e 3 tecnologie di elaborazione speciali per rendere l’area della fotocamera sotto al display più leggera e trasmittente. Grazie a tutte queste caratteristiche, unite a una fotocamera a pixel di grandi dimensioni 4 in 1, equivalente a 2,24 um, crea un ambiente di luce eccellente per effettuare scatti.

Lo ZTE Axon 30 è inoltre il primo smartphone con fotocamera sotto al display, frequenza di aggiornamento dello schermo pari a 120 Hz e frequenza di campionamento tattile di 360 Hz. È inoltre dotato di uno schermo AMOLED da 6,92 pollici e di un rapporto schermo tipo cinema di 20.5:9, in combinazione con la tecnologia audio 3D Ultra immersiva DTS:X®. Lo smartphone offre ai propri utenti un’esperienza di visione di film di alta qualità. Lo schermo copre la gamma di colori 100% DCI-P3 e supporta profondità di colore a 10 bit e 1,07 miliardi di colori.

È il primo smartphone al mondo a essere autorizzato con le tre certificazioni autorevoli per la protezione degli occhi, che coprono TUV, SGS e UL. Lo schermo di ZTE Axon 30 è in grado di ridurre efficacemente la radiazione della luce blu, proteggere la vista e supportare il dimming DC per ridurre l’affaticamento visivo causato dallo sfarfallio dello schermo, fornendo agli utenti molteplici funzionalità per prendersi cura degli occhi.

Esperienze rivoluzionarie per gli utenti grazie a ottime prestazioni

In termini di prestazioni, lo ZTE Axon 30 è dotato dellapiattaforma mobileQualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870G con un design octa-core da “1+3+4” e una frequenza di core massima di 3,2 GHz. Questa caratteristica supporta perfettamente un’esperienza di gioco di livello professionale grazie alle sue funzionalità informatiche, di rendering grafico e di rete. Il nuovo dispositivo sfrutta la tecnologia di fusione della memoria sviluppata autonomamente, utilizzando parte dello spazio di archiviazione libero per espandere la memoria in esecuzione fino a 5 GB.

Le potenti funzioni fotografiche sono diventate di recente un elemento chiave della serie ZTE Axon. Lo ZTE Axon 30 continua questa tendenza con la fotocamera AI quad, che include una fotocamera principale da 64 megapixel, una fotocamera grandangolare a 120 gradi, un obiettivo macro da 3 cm e un obiettivo di profondità di campo. Grazie a queste caratteristiche, consente agli utenti di operare con facilità in diversi scenari di scatto. È anche in grado di supportare lo scatto simultaneo di più fotocamere, fornendo agli utenti un’ampia varietà di opzioni di prospettiva di scatto. Inoltre, include la funzione Super Night Mode della fotocamera in grado di eliminare il rumore notturno attraverso un algoritmo di intelligenza artificiale che mantiene i colori notturni più nitidi per gli utenti.

La nuova fotocamera è dotata di un’ampia gamma di filtri classici e supporta i filtri 3D Lut per consentire agli utenti di personalizzare le impostazioni a proprio piacimento. La funzione Magic color change consente inoltre di scegliere un singolo colore nell’immagine, offrendo al contempo più opzioni per modificare l’area che si desidera cambiare con un colore diverso a scelta. La serie ZTE Axon continua l’offerta di modalità di ripresa della fotocamera più personalizzate garantendo agli utenti immagini splendide e colorate.

Lo ZTE Axon 30 supporta la doppia stabilizzazione video per la fotocamera principale e la fotocamera grandangolare in grado di correggere in maniera intelligente il jitter di ripresa video in movimento e di rendere le riprese video dinamiche più chiare e stabili. Le funzioni video brevi e intelligenti VLOG del telefono supportano lo zoom Hitchcock, gli effetti di messa a fuoco, la riproduzione rapida integrata, il movimento lento e il riavvolgimento. Questo smartphone è inoltre dotato di set dinamici, artistici e multipli di fantastici modelli di ripresa per agevolare le riprese degli utenti in una varietà di stili diversi.

In termini di esperienze 5G, lo ZTE Axon 30 offre una connettività senza interruzioni. L’Axon 30 presenta l’antenna 5G super 3.1, dotata di un sistema di antenna “anti-blocco” e di un’antenna Wi-Fi doppia. Indipendentemente dalle prese verticali o orizzontali, può impedire alle mani di bloccare l’antenna e migliorare del 100% le capacità di trasmissione del segnale. Il suo esclusivo algoritmo di rilevamento della rete può aiutare il telefono a individuare in maniera intelligente la rete migliore e a realizzare una commutazione e un’accelerazione intelligenti senza interruzioni dei canali 5G/Wi-Fi1/Wi-Fi2 per garantire sempre esperienze Internet veloci e stabili.

Design elegante e potenza continua

Lo ZTE Axon 30 si distingue per un design ultrasottile con uno spessore di soli 7,8 mm e un peso di 189 g. Presenta inoltre cornice ultra-sottile, doppia waistline e design estetico dinamico e ottimizzato che donano all’intero dispositivo un aspetto di classe superiore, in linea con le attuali tendenze estetiche.

La nuova area della fotocamera sul retro del dispositivo presenta un iconico design delle ETICHETTE creando un’esclusiva etichetta con tecnologia di fusione delle immagini. La parte posteriore è realizzata in materiale polimerico composito 3D con texture nano-level lucida sovrapposta. L’effetto olografico dell’illusione può determinare un ricco cambiamento di luce e ombra con una straordinaria bellezza dei colori. Due le varianti di colori che gli utenti possono scegliere per questo smartphone in base alle loro preferenze: Black e Aqua.

Lo ZTE Axon 30 è inoltre dotato di una batteria da 4200 mAh e di una ricarica rapida da 55 W. Il triplo sistema di raffreddamento a ghiaccio, composto da un’ampia piastra di raffreddamento a liquido VC, gel termico ad alta potenza e materiale composito a base di grafene e rame, è in grado di garantire prestazioni elevate costanti.

Sull’onda dell’innovazione tecnologica, lo ZTE Axon 30 continua a sperimentare la tecnologia della fotocamera sotto al display. Le straordinarie caratteristiche di questo prodotto offriranno ai consumatori una nuova esperienza al di là della loro immaginazione. Versioni del modello e informazioni sui prezzi verranno aggiunte quando saranno comunicati ulteriori aggiornamenti.

La versione globale sarà presto disponibile sul sito web ufficiale di ZTE.

Informazioni su ZTE Corporation

ZTE è un fornitore di sistemi di telecomunicazione avanzati, dispositivi mobili e soluzioni tecnologiche aziendali per consumatori, operatori, aziende e clienti del settore pubblico. L’azienda è impegnata a fornire ai clienti innovazioni integrate end-to-end per offrire eccellenza e valore man mano che i settori delle telecomunicazioni e delle tecnologie dell’informazione convergono. Quotata nelle Borse di Hong Kong e Shenzhen (codice azioni H: 0763.HK/codice azioni A: 000063.SZ), ZTE vende i suoi prodotti e servizi in oltre 160 Paesi.

Contatti per i media:
Alessio De Sio
ZTE Italia
Tel: +39 366 682 4010
Email: [email protected]

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SOURCE ZTE Corporation

Communication Technology Services and Druid Software partner for 5G and 4G private wireless networks for the enterprise

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Communication Technology Services, LLC, (CTS), a leading telecommunications infrastructure solution and managed services provider, announces a strategic partnership with Druid Software, an enterprise mobile core cellular network software company.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Communication Technology Services, LLC, (CTS), a leading telecommunications infrastructure solution and managed services provider, announces a strategic partnership with Druid Software, an enterprise mobile core cellular network software company. CTS will incorporate Druid’s Raemis™ application into its managed service platform to deliver innovative private wireless network solutions for enterprises using the Citizens Band Radio Services (CBRS) band. The CTS solution gives enterprises unparalleled performance and control of their wireless networks.

CTS is building on Druid’s Raemis™ open architecture software platform, which enables enterprises to maximize the use of network resources and service flexibility. Raemis is a 5G and 4G core technology that was made specifically for enterprise users who require high performance for high priority business applications and mission-critical communications. Raemis’s network slicing capabilities allow for separation of user groups, traffic balancing and quality of service levels on the radio access network using separate Packet Data Networks.

CTS will optimize Raemis alongside its proprietary Total Traffic Manager™, which actively monitors and analyzes data traffic as it flows through the network enabling enhanced network policy administration. The combination of Total Traffic Manager and Raemis enables enterprises to have complete control of their networks by allocating network resources by user group, applications or protocol. That level of control ensures that IP security cameras, mission-critical voice services, autonomous guided vehicles, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors will always operate at peak performance.

Rob Cerbone, VP of Product Management at CTS, said, “We chose Druid because of the solution’s ability to perform traffic separation, load balancing and Quality of Service for user groups on LTE as well as more advanced network slicing for 5G deployments. The addition of Druid’s software with our Total Traffic Manager technology ensures we can provide a unique, high performing 5G and 4G mobile network solution to customers of all sizes at a competitive price point.”

“We are excited to be making this announcement with CTS today. Their experience and ability to put together innovative business and mission critical solutions using 5G and 4G private networks, like the recent partnership with Tassta for mission critical push-to-talk services, will lead to important efficiency gains for enterprise customers,” said Tadhg Kenny, SVP of Marketing at Druid Software.

About CTS

Communication Technology Services (CTS) is the industry leader in DAS, small cells, Wi-Fi, and private wireless networks, having successfully deployed over 9,000 wireless networks nationwide. Leveraging its three decades of experience, CTS designs, deploys, manages, and supports networks of virtually all types, across all major industry verticals. Utilizing its state-of-the-art network design center, network operations center and nationwide workforce of over 450 employees, CTS has evolved to become the premier provider of DAS, small cell and private LTE/5G networks to enterprise and public sector clients, delivering both turn-key implementations and end-to-end managed services.

For more information, visit


Druid Software is a core cellular network software company based in Ireland. Established in 2001 Druid has evolved into one of the world’s leaders in Private 5G & 4G Cellular technology over the last 20 years. Druids RAEMIS™ platform is a mature 3GPP compliant 4G/5G core network, with unique features designed specifically for business and mission critical use.

Druids mature RAEMIS™ platform is in use today by ISPs and Enterprises for mission critical environments in the U.S, Asia and Europe. Druid technology enables solutions in different areas including enterprise communications, IoT, mobile edge computing, and public safety. For more information, visit

SOURCE Communication Technology Services

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ZTE выпускает смартфон нового поколения Axon 30 с подэкранной камерой

ШЭНЬЧЖЭНЬ (Китай), 29 июля 2021 г. /PRNewswire/ — Компания ZTECorporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), являющаяся одним из крупнейших международных поставщиков телекоммуникационных, корпоративных и потребительских технологий для мобильного интернета, сегоднявыпустила в Китае свойсмартфон нового поколения Axon 30 с подэкранной камерой.

ШЭНЬЧЖЭНЬ (Китай), 29 июля 2021 г. /PRNewswire/ — Компания ZTECorporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), являющаяся одним из крупнейших международных поставщиков телекоммуникационных, корпоративных и потребительских технологий для мобильного интернета, сегоднявыпустила в Китае свойсмартфон нового поколения Axon 30 с подэкранной камерой.

Компания ZTE зарекомендовала себя как законодатель моды для полноэкранных устройств, создав новый сегмент смартфонов с подэкранной камерой. За счет модернизации своих ведущих технологий подэкранных камер компания еще более ускорила процесс продвижения смартфонов с подэкранными камерами на рынок. ZTEAxon 30 обеспечит своимпользователям небывалые новые впечатления.

Старший вице-президент компании ZTECorporation и руководитель ее подразделения мобильных устройств Ни Фэй (NiFei) заявил: «Экран и фотография — два направления развития в будущей эволюции смартфонов. Сегодня мы представляемнашсмартфоннового поколения ZTEAxon 30 с подэкранной камерой.Благодаря дальнейшему повышениюпроизводительности и всесторонней модернизации модель ZTEAxon 30 проявляет себя как качественное усовершенствование и обеспечивает пользователям принципиально новый уровень визуального восприятия по сравнению с предыдущим поколением за счет экрана, занимающего всю площадь устройства».

Законодатель мод для полноэкранных устройств на будущее

Для достижения оптимального баланса между производительностью дисплея и формой экрана компания ZTE преодолела многочисленные технические трудности и сделала качественный скачок в обеспечении невидимости фронтальной камеры и производительности дисплея за счет непрерывных обновлений и усовершенствований в шести базовых технологиях, включая специальную пиксельную матрицу, уникальные схемы формирователя, независимую интегральную схему визуализации, фронтальную камеру, встроенный алгоритм съемки селфи иболее светочувствительную камеру 4-в-1 с большим размером пикселя, эквивалентным 2,24 мкм.

Экран в зоне подэкранной камеры является первымв мире с высокой плотностью пикселей — 400 PPI. Это может обеспечивать более высокую производительностьдисплея при сохранении высокой светопроницаемости и улучшенной зрительной интеграции с экраном в целом. Его оригинальная компоновка схемы обеспечивает возможность синхронизации между фронтальной камерой и традиционной областью отображения, гарантируя тем самым более естественный переход между ними.Новое устройство оснащено независимой интегральной схемой экранного дисплея, что делает его более точным и синхронизированнымза счет интеллектуального увеличения числа пикселей и интеллектуальной оптимизации отображения. Для повышения светопропускания зоны подэкранной камеры используются 7 слоев высокопрозрачных материалов и 3 специальные технологии обработки. В сочетании с более светочувствительной камерой 4-в-1 с большим размером пикселя, эквивалентным 2,24 мкм, это создает превосходные условия освещенности для съемки.

ZTEAxon 30 также является первым смартфоном с подэкранной камерой,имеющим экран с частотой обновления120 Гц и частотой дискретизации касаний 360 Гц. Модель ZTEAxon 30 также оснащается экраном с активной матрицей на органических светодиодах диагональю 6,92 дюйма и кинематографическим соотношением сторон экрана 20,5:9 в сочетании с технологией объемного звучания с эффектом присутствия DTS:X®. Смартфонобеспечивает пользователям высокое качество просмотра фильмов. Экран на 100% охватывает цветовую гамму DCI-P3иподдерживает 10-битную разрядность цвета и 1,07 млрд цветов.

Это первый в мире смартфон, обладающий тремя авторитетными сертификатами защиты зрения, включаяTUV, SGS и UL. Экран устройства ZTEAxon 30 эффективно снижает синее излучение, защищает зрение и обеспечивает уменьшение силы постоянного тока, снижая утомление глаз, вызываемое мерцанием экрана, а также обеспечивая пользователям многочисленные возможностидля защиты своего зрения.

Революционный пользовательский интерфейс, обеспечиваемый высокой производительностью

С точки зрения производительности модель ZTEAxon 30 оснащается мобильной платформойQualcomm® Snapdragon™870Gс 8-ядерной структурой («1+3+4») и максимальной частотой ядра 3,2 ГГц. Это идеально подходит для игровых целей профессионального уровня благодаря своим вычислительным, визуализационным и сетевым возможностям.В новом устройстве реализована самостоятельно разработаннаятехнология слияния памяти,использующая часть свободного пространства для хранения данных с целью расширения оперативной памяти на величину до 5 ГБ.

В последнее время одним из ключевых элементов серии ZTEAxon стал высокоэффективный фотографический функционал. Модель ZTEAxon 30 продолжает эту тенденцию,оснащаясь4-объективной камерой с элементами искусственного интеллекта,в том числе64-мегапиксельной основной камерой, широкоугольной (120°) камерой, 3-сантиметровым макрообъективом и объективом с большой глубиной резкости. Таким образом, она можетпозволить пользователям легко экспериментировать с различными сценариями съемки. Кроме того, она может обеспечиватьодновременную съемку с использованием нескольких камер, предоставляя пользователям различные перспективные возможности для съемки. Помимо прочего, камера имеет функциюсуперночного режима,способную подавлять ночной шум с помощью алгоритма искусственного интеллекта, сохраняющего для пользователей более пленительные ночные цвета.

Новая камера оснащается различнымиклассическими фильтрамии поддерживаетфильтры 3DLut, позволяющие пользователям дорабатывать изображения по своему вкусу. Ее волшебная функция изменения цветов также позволяет выбрать один цвет в изображении, предлагая при этом дополнительные возможности для изменения области, которую пользователь желает изменить, с использованием другого цвета по своему вкусу. Более персонализированные режимы съемки с помощью камеры ZTEAxon открывают пользователям прекрасный и насыщенный мир изображений.

Модель ZTEAxon 30 поддерживаетдвустороннюю стабилизацию видеосигналадля основной и широкоугольной камер, которая позволяет рационально корректировать дрожание при видеосъемке в движении, повышая четкость и устойчивость изображения при динамической видеосъемке. Имеющиеся в этом телефоне интеллектуальные функции короткой видеосъемки для видеоблогов VLOG поддерживают эффект «наезда Хичкока», эффекты регулировки резкости, встроенное быстрое воспроизведение, замедленную съемку и обратную перемотку. Кроме того, он оснащен динамическими, художественными и многими другими шаблонами для эффектной съемки, позволяющими пользователям без труда выполнять съемку в различных стилях.

Что касается интерфейсов 5G, модель ZTEAxon 30 обеспечивает бесперебойную связь. Axon 30 имеет функцию5Gsuperantenna 3.1, оснащенную «антиблокировочной» антенной системой и сдвоенной антенной Wi-Fi. Независимо от того, держится ли камера вертикально или горизонтально, она может предотвращать блокирование антенны руками и повышать возможности передачи сигналов на 100%. Уникальный алгоритм распознавания сетей может помочь телефону рациональным образом идентифицировать лучшую сеть и реализовать бесперебойное переключение и интеллектуальное ускорение каналов 5G/Wi-Fi1/Wi-Fi2 для обеспечения быстрого и стабильного интернет-взаимодействияна протяжении всего времени.

Элегантный дизайн и устойчивое электропитание

Модель ZTEAxon 30 имеет сверхтонкую конструкцию корпуса ивесит 189 г при толщине всего 7,8 мм.Это сочетается сультраузким безелем, двойной поясной линией и динамичным оптимизированным эстетическим дизайном, что обеспечивает авангардный вид всего устройства в соответствии с современными тенденциями эстетики.

Новая камера, расположенная на тыльной стороне устройства, имеет легендарный дизайн LABEL за счет создания уникального ярлыка технологии слияния изображений. Тыльная сторона корпуса выполнена из композиционного полимера с объемным армирующим наполнителем трехмерного композитного полимерного материала с яркой наложенной наноуровневой текстурой. Егоиллюзионный голографический эффект можетпривнести богатую игру света и тени с поразительной красотой оттенков.Новое устройство имеет дваварианта цветового исполнения на выбор пользователей: черный и аква — что дает им уникальную возможность удовлетворить свои предпочтения.

Модель ZTEAxon 30 также оснащаетсяаккумулятором емкостью 4200 мА·чиустройством быстрой зарядки мощностью 55 Вт.Систематройного «ледяного» охлаждения, состоящая из большой пластины жидкостного охлаждения, выдерживающей высокую мощность термопасты и графенового композитного материала на основе меди, может гарантировать неизменно высокую производительность.

В плане научно-технического прогресса ZTEAxon 30 непрерывно осваивает технологию подэкранных камер. Новая стадия обеспечения устойчивости качества продукции компании доставит покупателям новые впечатления, находящиеся за гранью их воображения. Версии моделей и информация о ценах будут добавляться по мере выхода обновлений.

В ближайшее время появится глобальная версияофициального сайта ZTE.

Информация о ZTECorporation

ZTE является поставщиком современных телекоммуникационных систем, мобильных устройств и корпоративных технологий для потребителей, операторов, компаний и клиентов из государственного сектора. Компания стремится обеспечивать клиентов универсальными и комплексными инновационными разработками, обеспечивающими превосходство и выгоды по мере сближения телекоммуникационного и информационно-технологического секторов. Компания ZTE, акции которой котируются на фондовых биржах Гонконга и Шэньчжэня (код акций H: 0763.HK / код акций A: 000063.SZ), реализует свои товары и услуги более чем в 160 странах.

Контакты для прессы:
MargaretMa (Маргарет Ма)
Тел.: +86 755 26775189
Эл. почта

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SOURCE ZTE Corporation

ZTE lanceert zijn under-display camera smartphone van de nieuwste generatie, de Axon 30

SHENZHEN, China, 29 juli 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), een belangrijke internationale leverancier van technologische oplossingen voor telecommunicatie, ondernemingen en consumenten voor het mobiele internet, lanceerde vandaag in China zijn under-display camera smartphone van de nieuwste generatie, de ZTE Axon 30.

SHENZHEN, China, 29 juli 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), een belangrijke internationale leverancier van technologische oplossingen voor telecommunicatie, ondernemingen en consumenten voor het mobiele internet, lanceerde vandaag in China zijn under-display camera smartphone van de nieuwste generatie, de ZTE Axon 30.

ZTE werpt zich op als trendsetter op het gebied van volledige schermen door uit te pakken met het nieuwe segment van smartphones met camera’s onder het scherm. Door haar toonaangevende under-display cameratechnologieën te upgraden, bracht de onderneming het commercialiseringsproces van de under-display camera smartphone in een stroomversnelling. De ZTE Axon 30 zal zijn gebruikers een ongekende nieuwe ervaring bieden.

Ni Fei, Senior Vice President van ZTE Corporation en President van de Mobile Device Division: “Scherm en fotografie zijn de twee pijlers van de toekomstige smartphone-evolutie. Vandaag brengen we onze under-display camera smartphone van de nieuwste generatie, de ZTE Axon 30 uit. Met verder verbeterde prestaties en uitgebreide upgrades maakt de ZTE Axon 30 een sprong voorwaarts en biedt hij onze gebruikers een revolutionaire full-screen visuele ervaring in vergelijking met de vorige generatie.”

Toekomstgerichte trendsetter met volledig scherm

Om de beste balans te bereiken tussen de displayprestaties en de schermvorm, heeft ZTE talrijke technische uitdagingen overwonnen en een kwaliteitssprong gemaakt op het vlak van de onzichtbaarheid van de frontcamera en de displayprestaties. Dat kon dankzij voortdurende innovatie en upgrades in de zes kerntechnologieën, waaronder de speciale pixelmatrix, unieke drivercircuits, onafhankelijke displaychip, frontcamera, eigen selfie-algoritme en grotere lichtgevoelige 4-in-1 camera met 2,24-µm equivalent grote pixelcamera.

De schermzone van de under-display camera is wereldwijd de eerste met een hoge pixeldichtheid van 400 PPI. Dit kan zorgen voor betere displayprestaties met behoud van een hoge transmittantie en een betere visuele integratie met het scherm als geheel. De ingenieuze schakeling maakt synchronisatie mogelijk tussen de frontcamera en het conventionele displaygedeelte, waardoor een natuurlijker overgang tussen beide mogelijk wordt. Het nieuwe toestel is uitgerust met een onafhankelijke schermdisplaychip, die de schermweergave nauwkeuriger en beter gesynchroniseerd maakt, door middel van intelligente pixelverbetering en intelligente schermoptimalisering. 7 lagen van uiterst transparante materialen en 3 speciale verwerkingstechnologieën worden gebruikt om het cameragebied onder het scherm lichtdoorlatend te maken. In combinatie met de grotere lichtgevoelige 4-in-1 camera met 2,24-µm-equivalent grote pixel creëert dit een uitstekende lichtomgeving voor opnamen.

De ZTE Axon 30 is ook de eerste under-display camera smartphone met een scherm met 120Hz vernieuwingsfrequentie en 360Hz touch sampling rate. De ZTE Axon 30 is ook uitgerust met een 6,92-inch AMOLED-scherm en een beeldverhouding van 20.5:9 op bioscoopniveau, in combinatie met DTS:X® Ultra intense 3D-audiotechnologie. De smartphone biedt zijn gebruikers een filmkijkervaring van hoge kwaliteit. Het scherm dekt 100% het DCI-P3 kleurengamma en ondersteunt 10-bit kleurdiepte en 1,07 miljard kleuren.

Het is de eerste smartphone ter wereld met de drie gezaghebbende oogbeschermingscertificaten, te weten TUV, SGS en UL. Het scherm van de ZTE Axon 30 kan de straling van blauw licht effectief verminderen, beschermt het gezichtsvermogen en ondersteunt DC-dimming om visuele vermoeidheid door schermflikkering te verminderen, zodat de gebruiker op meerdere manieren zorg kan dragen voor zijn ogen.

Revolutionaire gebruikerservaring ondersteund door sterke prestaties

Wat de prestaties betreft, is de ZTE Axon 30 uitgerust met het Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870G mobiele platform met een “1+3+4” octa-core ontwerp en een maximale kernfrequentie van 3,2 GHz. Deze ondersteunt perfect een gaming-ervaring van professioneel niveau met zijn rekenkracht, grafische weergave en netwerkmogelijkheden. Het nieuwe toestel maakt gebruik van de zelfontwikkelde geheugenfusietechnologie, waarbij een deel van de vrije opslagruimte wordt gebruikt om het werkgeheugen uit te breiden met maximaal 5 GB.

De krachtige fotografiefuncties vormen sinds kort een belangrijk onderdeel van de ZTE Axon-serie. De ZTE Axon 30 zet deze trend voort met de AI quad-camera, waaronder een 64 megapixel hoofdcamera, een 120-graden groothoekcamera, een 3cm macrolens en een scherptedieptelens. Zo kunnen gebruikers gemakkelijk spelen met verschillende opnamescenario’s. De camera ondersteunt ook gelijktijdige opnamen met meerdere camera’s, waardoor gebruikers kunnen kiezen uit verschillende opnameperspectieven. Verder bevat de camera de Super Night Mode-functie die nachtruis kan onderdrukken via een AI-algoritme dat de gebruikers aantrekkelijkere nachtkleuren biedt.

De nieuwe camera wordt geleverd met een verscheidenheid aan klassieke filters en ondersteunt 3D Lut filters die gebruikers naar wens kunnen aanpassen. Met de magische kleurveranderingsfunctie kunt u ook een enkele kleur in het beeld kiezen, terwijl u meer opties hebt om het gebied te veranderen met een andere kleur naar keuze. De ZTE Axon serie ontsluit een prachtige en kleurrijke wereld van beelden voor haar gebruikers en zet zo een volgende stap in gepersonaliseerde camera-opnamen.

De ZTE Axon 30 ondersteunt dual-way videostabilisatie voor de hoofdcamera en de groothoekcamera die op intelligente wijze onscherpe beelden in beweging kan corrigeren en dynamische video-opnamen helderder en stabieler kan maken. De intelligente VLOG-functies voor korte video’s van de telefoon omvatten Hitchcock-zoom, pull-focus-effecten, ingebouwd snel afspelen, slow motion en terugspoelen. Ook is het toestel uitgerust met meerdere sets van dynamische, artistieke en coole filmsjablonen die gebruikers helpen om vlot te filmen in een verscheidenheid van stijlen.

Op het vlak van 5G-ervaring biedt de ZTE Axon 30 naadloze connectiviteit. De Axon 30 is voorzien van de 5G superantenne 3.1 die is uitgerust met een “anti-lock” antennesysteem en een dubbele wifi antenne. Ongeacht of de antenne verticaal of horizontaal wordt vastgehouden, kan worden voorkomen dat de handen de antenne blokkeren en kunnen de signaaltransmissiemogelijkheden met 100% worden verbeterd. Het unieke netwerkdetectiealgoritme kan de telefoon helpen om op intelligente wijze het beste netwerk te identificeren, naadloos te schakelen en een intelligente versnelling van 5G/Wi-Fi1/Wi-Fi2-kanalen te realiseren om altijd een snelle en stabiele internetervaring te garanderen.

Gestroomlijnd ontwerp en langdurig vermogen

De ZTE Axon 30 heeft een ultradunne behuizing van slechts 7,8 mm dik en 189 g licht. Dit past bij de ultradunne bezel, de dubbele taillelijn en het dynamische gestroomlijnde esthetische ontwerp, zodat het toestel er in zijn geheel avant-klasse uitziet en aansluit bij de huidige esthetische trends.

Het nieuwe cameragedeelte aan de achterkant van het toestel heeft een iconisch LABEL-ontwerp door een uniek label met beeldfusietechnologie te creëren. De achterschelp is gemaakt van 3D-composietpolymeermateriaal met een op nanoniveau aangebrachte glimmende textuur. Het holografische illusie-effect kan zorgen voor een rijke licht- en schaduwovergang met een oogverblindende kleurenpracht. Het nieuwe toestel heeft twee kleurenschema’s: Zwart en Aqua, waar gebruikers uit kunnen kiezen, zodat ze een unieke optie hebben die past bij hun voorkeur.

De ZTE Axon 30 is ook uitgerust met een 4200mAh batterij en 55W snellader. Het drievoudige ijskoelsysteem, bestaande uit een grote VC vloeistofkoelplaat, thermische gel met hoog vermogen en grafeen/koper composietmateriaal, kan de constant hoge prestaties garanderen.

In de golf van technologische innovatie blijft de ZTE Axon 30 de under-display cameratechnologie verder verkennen. Dit nieuwe staaltje van een sterk product brengt de consument een nieuwe ervaring die zijn verbeelding te boven gaat. Updates van modelversies en prijsinformatie zullen volgen.

De wereldwijde versie komt binnenkort op de officiële website van ZTE.

Over ZTE Corporation

ZTE is een leverancier van geavanceerde telecommunicatiesystemen, mobiele apparaten en zakelijke technologische oplossingen voor consumenten, telecomproviders, bedrijven en klanten in de publieke sector. Het bedrijf zet zich in om klanten geïntegreerde end-to-end-innovaties te bieden voor het leveren van uitstekende kwaliteit en waarde naarmate de sectoren telecommunicatie en informatietechnologie samenkomen. Genoteerd aan de effectenbeurzen van Hong Kong en Shenzhen (aandelencode H-aandeel: 0763.HK/A-aandeel aandelencode: 000063.SZ), ZTE verkoopt zijn producten en diensten in meer dan 160 landen.

Margaret Ma
ZTE Corporation
Tel: +86 755 26775189
E-mail: [email protected]

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ZTE stellt seine neue Generation von Smartphones mit Unter-Display-Kamera vor: Axon 30

SHENZHEN, China, 29. Juli 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Die ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), ein bedeutender internationaler Anbieter von Telekommunikations-, Unternehmens- und Verbrauchertechnologielösungen für das mobile Internet, hat heute in China das ZTE Axon 30 vorgestellt, ein Smartphone der neuen Generation mit Unter-Display-Kamera.

SHENZHEN, China, 29. Juli 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Die ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), ein bedeutender internationaler Anbieter von Telekommunikations-, Unternehmens- und Verbrauchertechnologielösungen für das mobile Internet, hat heute in China das ZTE Axon 30 vorgestellt, ein Smartphone der neuen Generation mit Unter-Display-Kamera.

ZTE hat sich als Trendsetter für Vollbild-Smartphones erwiesen, indem es das neue Segment der Smartphones mit Unter-Display-Kamera geschaffen hat. Durch die Verbesserungen seiner führenden Unter-Display-Kamera-Technologien hat das Unternehmen den Kommerzialisierungsprozess des Unter-Display-Kamera-Smartphones weiter beschleunigt. Das ZTE Axon 30 wird seinen Nutzern ein noch nie dagewesenes neues Erlebnis bieten.

Ni Fei, stellvertretender Vizepräsident der ZTE Corporation und Präsident der Mobilgeräteabteilung, sagte: „Bildschirm und Fotografie sind die beiden Entwicklungsrichtungen der zukünftigen Smartphone-Entwicklung. Heute stellen wir Ihnen das ZTE Axon 30 vor, ein Smartphone der neuen Generation mit Unter-Display-Kamera. Mit einer weiter gesteigerten Leistung und umfassenden Upgrades stellt das ZTE Axon 30 eine sprunghafte Verbesserung dar und bietet unseren Nutzern ein revolutionäres visuelles Vollbild-Erlebnis im Vergleich zur vorherigen Generation.”

Voll-Bildschirm-Trendsetter in Richtung Zukunft

Um ein optimales Gleichgewicht zwischen der Display-Leistung und der Bildschirmform zu erreichen, hat ZTE zahlreiche technische Herausforderungen gemeistert und einen qualitativen Sprung bei der Unsichtbarkeit der Frontkamera und der Display-Leistung erzielt, angetrieben durch kontinuierliche Innovation und Upgrades bei den sechs Kerntechnologien, einschließlich der speziellen Pixelmatrix, der einzigartigen Treiberschaltungen, des unabhängigen Display-Chips, der Frontkamera, des hauseigenen Selfie-Algorithmus und der größeren lichtempfindlichen 4-in-1-Kamera mit 2,24 µm Äquivalent und großem Pixel.

Der Unter-Display-Kamerabildschirm ist der erste weltweit, mit einer hohen Pixeldichte von 400 PPI. Dies kann eine bessere Anzeigeleistung bei gleichzeitig hoher Lichtdurchlässigkeit und eine bessere visuelle Integration mit dem Bildschirm als Ganzem ermöglichen. Seine ausgeklügelte Schaltungsanordnung ermöglicht die Synchronisation zwischen der Frontkamera und dem herkömmlichen Displaybereich und verspricht so einen natürlicheren Übergang zwischen beiden. Das neue Gerät ist mit einem unabhängigen Bildschirm-Display-Chip ausgestattet, der die Bildschirmanzeige durch intelligente Pixelverbesserung und intelligente Display-Optimierung genauer und synchroner macht. 7 Schichten hochtransparenter Materialien und 3 spezielle Verarbeitungstechnologien werden verwendet, um den Bereich unter der Kamera lichtdurchlässiger zu machen. In Kombination mit der größeren, lichtempfindlichen 4-in-1-Kamera mit 2,24 µm Äquivalent und großen Pixeln schafft sie eine hervorragende Lichtumgebung für Aufnahmen.

Das ZTE Axon 30 ist außerdem das erste Smartphone mit Unter-Display-Kamera und einem Bildschirm mit 120 Hz Bildwiederholfrequenz und 360 Hz Touch-Sampling-Rate. Das ZTE Axon 30 ist außerdem mit einem 6,92-Zoll-AMOLED-Bildschirm und einem Bildschirmverhältnis von 20,5:9 in Kinoqualität ausgestattet, kombiniert mit DTS:X® Ultra immersive 3D-Audiotechnologie. Das Smartphone bietet seinen Nutzern ein hochwertiges Filmerlebnis. Der Bildschirm deckt 100 % des DCI-P3-Farbraums ab und unterstützt eine Farbtiefe von 10 Bit und 1,07 Milliarden Farben.

Es ist das erste Smartphone weltweit, das mit den drei maßgeblichen Augenschutzzertifizierungen TÜV, SGS and UL ausgestattet ist. Der Bildschirm des ZTE Axon 30 kann die Blaulichtstrahlung effektiv reduzieren, das Augenlicht schützen und unterstützt die DC-Dimmung, um die visuelle Ermüdung durch Bildschirmflimmern zu reduzieren, und bietet seinen Nutzern zahlreiche Funktionen, um ihre Augen zu schonen.

Revolutionäre Nutzererlebnisse dank starker Leistung

Was die Leistung betrifft, so ist das ZTE Axon 30 mit der Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870G Mobilplattform mit einem „1+3+4″-Octa-Core-Design und einer maximalen Kernfrequenz von 3,2 GHz ausgestattet. Mit seinen Rechen-, Grafik-Rendering- und Netzwerkfähigkeiten unterstützt er perfekt ein professionelles Spielerlebnis. Das neue Gerät verwendet die selbst entwickelte Speicherfusionstechnologie, die einen Teil des freien Speicherplatzes nutzt, um den Arbeitsspeicher um bis zu 5 GB zu erweitern.

Die leistungsstarken Fotofunktionen sind in letzter Zeit ein wichtiger Bestandteil der ZTE Axon-Serie geworden. Das ZTE Axon 30 setzt diesen Trend fort und ist mit einer KI-Quad-Kamera ausgestattet, die eine 64-Megapixel-Hauptkamera, eine 120-Grad-Weitwinkelkamera, eine 3-cm-Makrolinse und eine Tiefenschärfe-Linse umfasst. Auf diese Weise können die Benutzer problemlos mit verschiedenen Aufnahmeszenarien spielen. Es unterstützt auch die gleichzeitige Aufnahme mit mehreren Kameras und bietet dem Benutzer eine Vielzahl von Aufnahmeperspektiven. Darüber hinaus verfügt die Kamera über den Super-Nachtmodus, der mit Hilfe eines KI-Algorithmus Nachtgeräusche unterdrückt und den Nutzern charmante Nachtfarben bietet.

Die neue Kamera verfügt über eine Vielzahl von klassischen Filtern und unterstützt 3D-Lut-Filter, die der Nutzer nach Belieben anpassen kann. Mit der magischen Farbwechselfunktion können Sie auch eine einzelne Farbe im Bild auswählen, während Sie mehr Möglichkeiten haben, den Bereich, den Sie ändern möchten, mit einer anderen Farbe Ihrer Wahl zu versehen. Die ZTE Axon-Serie bietet noch mehr personalisierte Aufnahmemodi und eröffnet ihren Nutzern eine wunderbare und farbenfrohe Welt der Bilder.

Das ZTE Axon 30 unterstützt eine Zwei-Wege-Videostabilisierung für die Hauptkamera und die Weitwinkelkamera, die das Wackeln von Videoaufnahmen bei Bewegungen intelligent korrigieren und dynamische Videoaufnahmen klarer und stabiler machen kann. Die intelligenten VLOG-Kurzvideofunktionen des Telefons unterstützen Hitchcock-Zoom, Pull-Focus-Effekte, integrierte Schnellwiedergabe, Zeitlupe und Rücklauf. Es ist auch mit dynamischen, künstlerischen und mehreren Sets von coolen Filmvorlagen ausgestattet, um die Benutzer beim einfachen Filmen in einer Vielzahl von verschiedenen Stilen zu unterstützen.

Im Hinblick auf 5G-Erfahrungen bietet das ZTE Axon 30 nahtlose Konnektivität. Das Axon 30 verfügt über die 5G-Superantenne 3.1, die mit einem „Anti-Lock”-Antennensystem und einer dualen Wi-Fi-Antenne ausgestattet ist. Unabhängig von vertikalen oder horizontalen Griffen kann es verhindern, dass die Hände die Antenne blockieren und die Signalübertragung um 100 % verbessern. Sein einzigartiger Netzwerkerkennungsalgorithmus kann dem Telefon helfen, das beste Netzwerk intelligent zu identifizieren und einen nahtlosen Wechsel und eine intelligente Beschleunigung von 5G/Wi-Fi1/Wi-Fi2-Kanälen zu realisieren, um jederzeit ein schnelles und stabiles Interneterlebnis zu gewährleisten.

Schlankes Design und anhaltende Leistung

Das ZTE Axon 30 verfügt über ein ultradünnes Gehäuse mit einerDicke von nur 7,8 mm und einem Gewicht von 189 g. Dies passt zur ultraschmalen Lünette, der doppelten Gürtellinie und dem dynamischen, stromlinienförmigen Design, das dem gesamten Gerät ein avantgardistisches Aussehen verleiht, das den aktuellen ästhetischen Trends entspricht.

Der neue Kamerabereich auf der Rückseite des Geräts weist ein ikonisches LABEL-Design auf, indem ein einzigartiges Etikett mit Bildfusionstechnologie erstellt wurde. Die hintere Schale besteht aus einem 3D-Verbundpolymermaterial, das mit einer Nano-Leuchttextur überzogen ist. Sein holografischer Illusionseffekt kann einen reichen Licht- und Schattenwechsel mit einer schillernden Schönheit der Farben bewirken. Das neue Gerät hat zwei Farbvarianten: Schwarz und Aqua stehen zur Auswahl, so dass die Benutzer eine einzigartige Option für ihre Vorlieben wählen können.

Das ZTE Axon 30 ist außerdem mit einem 4200-mAh-Akku und 55-Watt-Schnellladung ausgestattet. Das dreifache Kühlungssystem, bestehend aus einer großen VC-Flüssigkeitskühlplatte, einem Hochleistungs-Wärmegel und einem Verbundmaterial auf Graphen-Kupfer-Basis, kann eine kontinuierlich hohe Leistung garantieren.

In der Welle der technologischen Innovation, Das ZTE Axon 30 ist auf eine kontinuierliche Erforschung der unter-Display-Kamera-Technologie. Die neue Iteration seiner Produktstärke wird den Verbrauchern eine neue Erfahrung bieten, die ihre Vorstellungskraft übersteigt. Modellversionen und Preisinformationen werden nach und nach hinzugefügt, sobald Updates eintreffen.

Die globale Version wird bald auf der offiziellen ZTE-Website veröffentlicht.

Über ZTE

ZTE ist ein Anbieter von modernen Telekommunikationssystemen, mobilen Endgeräten und Netzwerklösungen für Mobilfunkbetreiber, Unternehmen, öffentliche Einrichtungen und private Anwender. Das Unternehmen entwickelt für seine Kunden integrierte, durchgängige Innovationen für hervorragende und hochwertige Produkte im Konvergenzbereich der Telekommunikations- und Informationstechnologie. ZTE ist an den Börsen Hongkong und Shenzhen notiert (H-Aktienkürzel 0763.HK / A-Aktienkürzel 000063.SZ) und liefert anwenderoptimierte Produkte und Services an über 500 Netzbetreiber in mehr als 160 Ländern. ZTE investiert mindestens zehn Prozent seines Jahresumsatzes in Forschung und Entwicklung und spielt eine wichtige Rolle in einer Reihe internationaler Gremien zur Entwicklung internationaler Standards. Als Unternehmen, das der Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) große Bedeutung beimisst, ist ZTE Mitglied des UN-Netzwerkes Global Compact. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

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